10 Local Tracks That Will Make You Want To Skip Work And Escape The City

Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Samal, Davao, Philippines

At this very minute countless employees across the world are getting ready for another work day. Some are probably already answering e-mails. Others are having morning coffee with colleagues in the pantry. A large number are still probably stuck in traffic. Not a great start, huh? Everyone has to work to make a living. That’s understood. But ask anyone of them where they would rather be right now. There’s a big chance you will get the words ‘beach’ and ‘ocean’ in their replies. Pretty sure, even you had that same answer all along. It’s Vitamin Sea.

There’s nothing to do now, but settle for the next best thing. We’ll help you scheme your way to another out-of-town trip. Here are the steps: 1. Change your screen saver to a postcard from Hawaii. 2. Check your VLs and SLs. 3. listen to songs that will inspire you to plan your next great escape (and excuse).

Here are 10 local tracks from Filipino bands and artists that will make you want to skip work and get out of the city brought to you by Pearl Farm Beach Resort.


This 6-piece folk-pop band really has a way of making you feel the need to just go out and explore. ‘Fools’ and its accompanying music video definitely makes it harder to resist the call of the ocean.

2. Fools and Foes – +63

The first single off their self-titled release offers a cathartic arrangement of guitars and drums, plus Isabelle Romualdez’s soothing vocals. ‘+63′, the Philippines’ country code, is apt background music while you plot your next vacation.


Queen Reese makes heartbreak sound so beautiful and sultry with her latest single. ‘Bye to the earth that we have claimed/ Oh the ocean is calling my name.’ Need we say more?

4. Oh, Flamingo! – June

You are reading about a song called ‘June’ in the month of June. Its music video was filmed in the countryside. The universe is telling you something. Don’t ignore it.

5. Over October – Never Stop

This bop from the pop-rock quartet will make you think of summer road trips to the beach. It’s light, fun, and would want you to make you rest your head on your partner’s shoulder.

6. bird. – Weekend

Judging by their Instagram posts, one could not easily tell if ‘bird.’ is a band or a lifestyle brand. Who cares? These guys sound like they’re always on a ‘weekend state of mind’ and that’s what matters.

7. Rich Caramat – Meet Me At The Gate

Do you wanna get out of here?‘ Rich Caramat inquires in this rocking summer jam.
If you like driving in wide open highways with the windows down and the radio on, this one’s for you. He closes with ‘we both know you could use a little good time‘. Nailed it.

8. Rusty Machines – Can’t Hardly Wait

‘I just wanna be with you. With you, with you, with you, with you.’ We bet they’re definitely not talking about meeting that special person at an office cubicle, right? So why should you?

9. Ben & Ben – RIDE HOME

Like Aquaman, you belong to the ocean. You’re a ‘sea-tizen’ (ha!). Play this on your way home.


Stargazing is impossible to do in the city. Go to the secluded location with your favorite person. Let Unique serenade you as you lay down the sand and look at the stars above.

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