13 Reasons You Definitely Don’t Want To Go To Be Resort Mactan

Be Resort in Cebu, Philippines is a haven to travelers who wish to explore the seaside beauty and know the rich history of Lapu-Lapu City. Or so they say.

1. Welcome to Be Resort Mactan… a “so-called” perfect setting for fun family getaways and company team building activities.


2. What the hell is this wasteland?!

3. The second you land here, you’re exposed to the horrible views from the Mactan resort.

4. This room. So dull! Yuck!

5. Look at this disgusting mess. And there’s that ugly view again.

6. No Instagram filter can make this sight bearable.

7. Just everywhere you look is painful on the eyes!

8. Would take a concrete jungle over this crap any day.

image from http://beachtravelerph.blogspot.com/

9. Urgh. And don’t get us started on this so-called “food.” And eating on the beach under the stars? What are they thinking?!

10. You’ve just been warned.

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11. This person is bluffing.

Snap 2017-01-12 at 14n
12. Long story short, just take this advice…

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13. Don’t go to this boutique resort in Mactan.


But if you really want to, just visit Be Resort Mactan’s website for more information. You, fool!