2 Islands That Will Define Your Classic Summer in the Philippines

For our water babies and travel lovers, here’s a treat for you when it comes to island hopping in the Philippines. If you haven’t done any in your entire life, we hope that this dreamy place will be your first. You’ve probably heard the stories or viewed Facebook and Instagram posts of these enchanting places in Palawan. Believe your friends and family who have been there because most likely when they describe such a beautiful place, it’s mostly true.

Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa - Sandbar

For some people, paying a visit to Palawan is a dream come true. It is a place that is worth checking off on your bucket list. If ever you have the chance, we hope you will be able to check these two islands off.

Snake Island

Don’t let the name fool you because this place happens to be one of the most visited beach destinations in Palawan. The reason behind its name is because of the sandbar shape that is similar to the letter S. If you want to experience walking along the white sand of the island’s connected sandpit, then plan your next trip here.

Cowrie Island

If you want to witness some amazing ocean life, then Cowrie Island is the place to be some scuba diving and other snorkeling activities. So prepare your waterproof cameras and GoPros because you’ll be seeing a lot of sea shells and mollusks.

To have the experience of having a classic summer in the Philippines, going island hopping in Palawan should be the top on your list. Finding a cozy and comfortable room accommodation wouldn’t be a problem when you have Citystate Asturias Hotel Palawan near these significant areas. So if ever you have any upcoming beach plans, you’re one online booking away from experiencing these wondrous islands for real!