20+ Things You Definitely Miss Right Now

It is totally fine to feel mixed emotions right now. You can be sad because you had to cancel your vacation in a beachfront hotel in Bohol, and scared at the same time because you might contract the virus. You can also be mad because of the failure of our government or quite relaxed because you now have that much needed break.

While all of us are stuck inside, we’re quite sure that we share a common feeling — an extreme itch to leave our couches. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little longer. For now, let’s get lost in this list of things that we are definitely missing:

1. A tall glass of milk tea

2. Or a large serving of iced coffee with vanilla

3. A good night at the theatre

4. Or a movie night with the squad

5. Regular church visit

6. Killing time in a bookstore

7. Or a detour in a hardware just because

8. Our favorite (on-going) TV series

9. Playing basketball

10. Attending a yoga class

11. Early morning jog

12. The smell of office’s pantry

13. Midnight snack in your favorite “silog” place

14. Family visits

15. Having people over in your place

16. Dropping off your kid at school

17. Grocery shopping in peace

18. The high of reaching a mountain’s summit

19. Long drives

20. Daydreaming on a bus

21. Late night conversations over coffee

22. Lots of hugs! Tight hugs!

23. Getting a tan

24. And a quiet afternoon by the beach

It really sucks that you had to cancel your summer vacation because of the pandemic. Let’s just pray that this will be over soon and you’ll finally get a dose of vitamin sea in a prime holiday destination like South Palms Resort Bohol.

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