3 New Things to Check Out in Pasay

Entertainment hubs, gaming houses, and hotels in Pasay have marked the booming development of this area. Since the establishment of SM Mall of Asia, this district has been rapidly growing with new attractions sprouting out almost every year. Here are 3 new places in Pasay that definitely deserve a visit.

1. Isla Pinas

Photo by blogger Lost Juan

Here’s great news for all the Filipino food lovers out there. Housed in the newly constructed DD Meridian Plaza at the Bay Area in Pasay, Islas Pinas is a food and heritage village that highlights all things Filipino. A collaborative project between DoubleDragon Plaza and chef Margarita Fores, this 2,500-sqm appears to be a conjuring of the best of the Philippines—food, landscape, and even modern culture.

The buffet features seven sections that represent our Pinoy favorites. They have Sinag which offers Pinoy breakfast, Alamat which showcases regional dishes, Bilao offers food that are normally in bilaos, Panaderya for traditional and upgraded breads and pastries, Tusok-tusok for your favorite street food like fishballs, Pampang for sea food options, and lastly Panulak which features local refreshments.

2. Dessert Museum

Photo from Dessert Museum FB page

We might as well call this place a heaven for those who aren’t strong enough to resist the call of sugar rush. The Dessert Museum at the Conrad Hotel has been populating almost everyone’s social media news feed recently. We can’t really blame our friends. The place is just oozing in color, with all the sweet fantasy you had as a kid.

The museum allows you to explore 8 rooms, each featuring a different dessert. Cave in to your sweetest desires with rooms such as Donuts, Marshmallows, Candy Canes, Ice Cream, Bubble Gum, Gummy Bears, Cotton Candy, and of course what everyone loves: Cakes. Tours are done in batches so you’re sure to have an opportunity to take photos without having to worry about photobombers. They also let you give you a sampler of the type of dessert featured in the room for the complete experience.

3. Urban Travellers Hotel

Family Room at Urban Travellers Hotel

Along with the new places to explore in Pasay, is Urban Travellers Hotel. Formerly known as Shogun Suites Hotel, this hotel near Mall of Asia is one of the rather affordable city hotels in the area.

The property recognizes the rapid development in the area and realizes that they need to keep up with it. The decision to change their name is part of a series of changes that are in store for this year. Of course, with change comes better service and a more inclusive and modern experience for their guests, both new and returning. Check their website here, as this hotel in Pasay might just have the solution for your city staycation problems.