3 Reasons to Book a Hotel in Batangas as Your Boracay Alternative

Just because Boracay is closed for 6 months doesn’t mean you have to cancel your summer plans. After all, booking a hotel in Batangas is a more accessible Boracay alternative.

Club Punta Fuego - Infinity Pool

This beach getaway is host to a number of beach resorts like Club Punta Fuego and Amara Residences, all of which are ideal for large groups of friends looking for an outing. Not to mention it’s almost as scenic as any coast in the Philippines too.

So if you’re still looking for last-minute summer plans, here are a few good reasons to pick Batangas for your next vacation.

1. Easily Accessible from Metro Manila

Terrazas de Punta Fuego - Beach

Batangas is roughly 2-and-a-half hours away from Metro Manila. This makes it more convenient than say, taking a plane out of the city. There’s nothing like a roadtrip with friends to give you more bonding time along the way too.

Some hotels in Batangas also offer complimentary parking when you book directly from their official websites, removing the hassle of parking fees.

2. Scenic Beaches

Club Punta Fuego - Pool Noon

Beaches like Nasugbu are some of the most scenic places you can find. For instance: if you think the sunsets of Boracay are majestic to look at, wait until you see the ones in Batangas.

These breathtaking images are just some of the best you can capture if you want to brighten up your Instagram feed. From the golden hues of the initial sunset to the final red-orange-and-purple hue of sundown, nature just won’t disappoint here.

3. Additional Options for Summer Activities

Crusoe Cabins - Suite View 2

Some resorts in Batangas aren’t just famous for the beaches. Some even have additional options for watersports at the beach. One such place is Crusoe Cabins, the accommodation of Aquaria Waterpark in Calatagan.

This particular resort is right inside a water park filled with all kinds of swimming pools, and a 3-storey tall waterslide. So whether you’re up for kayaking or jet skiing in the beach, or for fun-filled activities in a waterpark, Crusoe Cabins offers you a bit of both.

There’s no need to cancel your summer plans now that Batangas is waiting just around the corner. Take your pick and reserve your hotels before the season ends!