3 Reasons Why Bohol is the Perfect Destination to Have Your Wedding

A significant increase of Google searches about “Bohol beach wedding packages” proves that tropical weddings are becoming a thing. We can speculate that the picturesque backdrop adds romance during the exchange of vows. But a curious question remains: why Bohol in particular?

24Seven investigates and here’s what we’ve found. Bohol is the perfect destination to have your wedding because of these three reasons:

1. If you want a traditional wedding, Bohol has some spectacular churches, many of which are declared national historical landmarks.

This is according to an article released by Lamudi Philippines. They’ve mentioned the La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish which is a Neoclassical structure that was completed in 1727.

Another beautiful historical church on their list is the St. Augustine Church, or Panglao Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Panglao.

2. Bohol is famous not only for its Chocolate Hills or its tarsiers, but also for its powdery stretches of white sand, mountainous terrains, and rocky hills.

Positively Filipino had a run-down of some of the best tourist spots and attractions in Bohol that make the province ideal for weddings. Among the many attractions include the Loboc River Cruise — imagine going for a ride immediately after the ceremony — the hanging bamboo bridge, an array of museums, and of course, the tarsiers.

3. South Palms Resort in Bohol is no stranger to hosting beautiful picturesque weddings.

This holiday destination in Panglao, which offers affordable wedding packages in Bohol, is specifically mentioned by Gawin Blog as an ideal place for tying the knot. Imagine the salty ocean air, the ocean as your backdrop, and sand between your toes. What else could you want while exchanging vows?

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