3 Sci-fi Movie Myths Proven by Staying in This Resort in Bataan

Sci-fi myths aren’t only proven by scientists. Sometimes, all it takes is a Las Casas day tour in Bagac, Bataan to see the realization of your favorite sci-fi movie theories. Sounds confusing at first, but keep reading and you’ll get what we mean.

Here are 3 famous scientific theories we see in movies, and how Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar proves them to be true.

1. Time Control (Quantum Theory)

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I’m pretty sure most of us have seen if not heard of this movie. And who can forget the iconic slow-mo scene of Tom Cruise masterfully dodging those bullets? From our elementary days, we’ve been taught that time is a constant concept that just keeps moving forward. It exists merely to pass. However, several theories have suggested that time could be bent and controlled.

While no scientist has yet proven this, a trip to Las Casas in Bagac, Bataan might just be the proof you are looking for. The moment you step into the vicinity of this property, you’ll be greeted by the sight of the era to which this place’s time has stopped.

Take a breather as the world around you freezes, and marvel at the glorious vision of Old Manila’s colonial days.

2. Multiverse Theory

Photo by malcolm lightbody on Unsplash

Those who are fans of Marvel and DC comics are no longer new to this theory. It basically suggests that apart from the world we live in, there co-exists other universes where humans live. From the mystic Wizarding World to the extraterrestrial Asgard and Xandar, various worlds are believed to carry other lives within them. And though no one has really encountered an entity from these worlds, we know of an alternate universe cradled in the outskirts of Bagac, Bataan.

Behold the grandeur of what Manila used to be—a world-class city we would rather live in nowadays, as compared to the hyper-populated and busy capital that we now know. Stand in awe as you come face to face with the rustic structures that bridged our country’s path to sovereignty.

With each casa coming from a notable elite family of the olden days, you are sure to be transported to a different world outside of Metro Manila, engulfed in the presence of history, apathetic to the clamor of the city.

3. Wormholes and Time Travel Theory

Photo by Kyle Myburgh on Unsplash

Even before the release of Wells’ The Time Machine, numerous variations of this theory have circulated the scientific world. It even gained more popularity once the concept penetrated the screen. Who can blame us, though? The thought of being able to control your destiny by manipulating time is just so enticing and convenient for those of us who, at one point, did something we strongly regret.

Time and time again, we’ve been told that this is really not possible, until we’ve heard of the Heritage Tour. If you dream of traveling back in time, then this activity is perfect for you. Stroll along the brick pavements of Old Manila and learn about what life was about during the Spanish colonization. Listen to their engaging tour guides and have a taste of our rich history and culture.

While they don’t require an overnight stay to enjoy the Las Casas Day Tour, it is highly suggested to take advantage of their accommodations to have the complete experience.

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