4 City Hotels with Room Kitchenettes

With summer about to end and we’re drawn into a bed-weather season, it would be a good idea to have some appetizing meals to perk us up wherever we go. If you’re saving on dining expenses during your business or leisure travels, city hotels in the Philippines with kitchenettes are a great advantage.

One of the great things about having one as part of your accommodation is that you won’t have to spend much on fancy restaurants. The feeling of being a few foot steps away from your resting place instantly makes you think you never left home, plus it’s a great opportunity to show off your cooking skills while traveling. Here are a list of urban and stylish hotels of St. Francis that have convenient room kitchenettes along with some ideal dishes you can easily make during rainy season.

BSA Mansion

With so many tempting restaurants nearby at this hotel, give yourself an affordable breakfast treat in their room kitchenettes. Always eat something heavy or plenty during the most important meal of the day! So wake up to a warm and hearty Champorado dish that you can make in any recipe form with ingredients you can get in the nearest convenient store or supermarket.

BSA Twin Towers

In a city hotel that comes in two, have some delicious and tasty snacks that come best in pairs! Have a go with a simple grilled cheese and hot chocolate that won’t take long for you to prepare. After making a quick meal in the comforts of the hotel’s room accommodation kitchen features, you can easily take advantage of the simple joys of an afternoon snack.

Asian Mansion 

Not in the mood to spending something fancy when it comes to food? Don’t worry because in this hotel’s comfortable room accommodation, you can make use of their kitchenettes that will help you prepare something quick and delicious. Take advantage of some of the Asian supermarkets nearby and try making your own homemade miso cup o’noodles! An ideal meal that will keep you warm and cozy during a cold weather.

Prince Plaza II

In this kind of hotel, it wouldn’t hurt to try something a little more fancy and light at an affordable price. Create a salad that contains a tasty hummus dip that you can easily find recipes of online. Cooking a meal as simple as that in a simple room kitchenette is like you’re giving yourself a royal dining treatment.

In these hotels with available kitchenettes, you can absolutely make anything when it comes to food preparation so that it will sure to comfort you through the laziest weather. The cooking and preparing may require a bit of effort but it’s a meal that you can all enjoy with the ones you love without having to spend much. If you want a city staycation located in the streets of Ortigas or Makati, make sure to make your room reservations fast!