4 Easy Tips on Picking the Right Hotel for Your Trip

As travelers, you know that a lot of factors contribute to an unforgettable holiday. The itinerary must be solid, the local delicacies must all be tried, and the accommodation must be convenient and comfortable.

The first two are easy to achieve since you’ve probably everything about your destination, but it is always a trying to task to choose just the right hotel for your trip.

Which is why for this article, we’ll talk about tips and tricks for choosing a good hotel for the perfect holiday trip.

Consider what is important for you

Make a list of everything that you require from a hotel. Do you want a daily breakfast? A swimming pool? Maybe you want something luxurious for a change or a little on the budget-friendly side.

GBW Hotel_Swimming pool

Once you’ve got this down, that’s when you make start Googling various accommodation for Johor Bahru or Malaysia. When you’ve made a shortlist of hotels, that’s the only time you should consider the vibe. Do you want a more modern atmosphere or something intimate?

Find one that has a convenient location

For hotels like GBW Hotel in Johor Bahru, its location is considered to be a prime spot since most shopping centres and key places of interest are within commuting distance.

Commuting_Johor Bahru

Especially if you plan on having a jam-packed day of touring, make sure you choose a hotel which is accessible to a majority of the places you plan on visiting.

Check out the reviews

Never forget to research your hotels. The moment your shortlist hits just 3 remaining hotels to choose from, scour the net for customer reviews. You can find these on the hotel’s Facebook page or on TripAdvisor. You can even find dedicated blog post reviews for it.

GBW Hotel_Dining

Make sure to focus on the latest reviews, though; ones which have been published in the last year. Don’t forget to align these reviews with your list of requirements. One hotel might have the most comfortable bed, but if their food is a little off, you might not enjoy it.

Discounts and deals never hurt

Some hotels offer exclusive discounts when you book directly on their website. When you’ve gathered that the reviews are positive, see if your chosen hotel offers promos during your trip.

GBW Hotel_Mobile Exclusive Deal

For instance, GBW Hotel is offering a unique promo for mobile users. They’re giving a 22% discount if you book directly on their website through your mobile.

That discount will definitely help you save the extra money for more shopping and dining.

When it comes to picking hotels, it’s all about what’s practical and what’s going to help you relax after a whole day of galavanting. These tips will help you narrow down your choices to hotels that will fit what you’ll need and want during your trip. All you have to do is pick one that really butters your toast. Good luck!