4 Flavors to Try on Your First Visit to Legazpi, Albay

Bicol express—a mouthwatering stew of native spices, coconut milk, shrimp paste, and pork cubes—is not the only cuisine that you can try in Legazpi, Albay. True to its label of being the City of Fun and Adventure, Legazpi offers one-of-a-kind food experiences that will awaken your sleeping taste buds. With a unique blend of flavors and ingredients, the city’s food choices will surely make your trip more exciting and far from boring.

what to eat in legazpi - table of food

Popular to both locals and tourists alike, here are 4 must-try flavors in Legazpi, Albay:

1. Bigg’s Diner’s Crispy Fried Chicken

The leading food chain in Bicol with over 15 branches to date, Bigg’s Diner is definitely one food place you shouldn’t miss. For starters, try their bestselling baby back ribs, original-blend iced tea, and crispy fried chicken which they claim to be the “biggest in town.”

2. DJC’s Halo-Halo

If you are looking for a sweet way to beat the heat after a fun day out in the city, try DJC’s “creamy, delicious, and home-made” Halo-Halo. A distinctive explosion of tastes in your mouth, their Original Supreme Halo-Halo is a combination of ube ice cream, ube, leche flan, corn kernels, gulaman, sago, saba, and cheese.

3. 1st Colonial Grill’s Sili Ice Cream

This exceptional dessert may already be a part of your Legazpi bucket list, but did you know they also have other unique ice cream flavors? Try their other Pinoy flavors such as tinutong (burnt rice), pili, taro, salabat, malunggay, pipino, and kamote.

4. Jasmine Restaurant’s Pasta Bicolandia

Located in The Oriental Legazpi, Jasmine Restaurant offers a modern selection and fusion of Asian and Bicolano cuisine. One of their most famous dishes, Pasta Bicolandia, is a definite must-try on your visit. Bicol spices meet carbonara—what more food adventure can you ask for? It will be a sure-fire tickle to your taste buds!

Want more food trips? Head out to The Oriental Legazpi for their delectable Filipino dishes. They typically offer discounts for bread & pastries and value rates for lava combo meals so make sure to check their website as well.

Haven’t decided where to stay yet?  Both located in Legazpi, The Oriental Legazpi and The Oriental Albay are excellent accommodations to consider for your first visit. What’s more, they have an on-going promo where you can get up to 15% discount when you book in advance! The best part, they are not very far from the must-try food destinations mentioned above. Check them out now!