4 Ideal Summer Vacation Resorts to Book in Batangas

Now that a lot of summer hotel promos are coming up, it’s time to consider where to spend your vacation before you get left out.

Booking a hotel in Batangas can give you easily accessible options as these hotels are a few hours from Metro Manila. Some even have rooms that are big enough for groups of 4 or more.

Club Punta Fuego - Infinity Pool

So if you’re planning your next vacation to beat the summer heat, here are some top recommended resorts in Batangas for you to check out.

1. Club Punta Fuego

Club Punta Fuego

Club Punta Fuego is a private seaside resort located in the pristine coast of Nasugbu, Batangas. This resort in Batangas is only a 2-and-a-half hour drive from Metro Manila, making it a convenient vacation spot. One thing that makes this an appealing place is that it’s good for large groups.  

It’s also one of the top properties of Anya Hospitality Corporation, a major player in the hospitality industry and known for its quality training of hotel staff.

Club Punta Fuego - Pool Night

This Batangas resort offers sprawling beaches and Florida-inspired architecture. It’s an idyllic getaway for Metro Manila residents looking for a quick escape from the city.

The rooms and casitas here also feature a Spanish-Mediterranean design and boast several luxuries, including spacious bathrooms, hot and cold showers, and plush beds. Accommodation come with balconies that offer a picturesque views of either the resort’s infinity pool or the West Philippine Sea.

You can also visit their Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for updates or book rooms directly at their official website for exclusive discounts and perks.

2. Amara Residences

Amara Residences in Batangas

Whether it’s for family or friends, Amara Residences has rooms that are big enough to accommodate large groups. Not only that, it also provides beautiful views of the sea and the surrounding forest that is relaxing.

Reaching this Batangas accommodation is easy as taking a 2-hour drive south of Metro Manila.

Amara Residences - Balcony

All rooms feature a balcony, a lounge area, a separate dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen. Its bedrooms have king- and queen-sized beds, while its private baths feature a separate shower and tub.

Travelers can even enjoy the first-rate facilities at Club Punta Fuego or Terrazas Beach Club for even more entertainment options.

So if you’re looking for a quiet place that’s good for large groups, then Amara Residences is the place to head to. To get the best deals on their rooms, you can book directly from their official website.

3. Terrazas de Punta Fuego

Terrazas de Punta Fuego - Pool

This Batangas resort is a mere 2-hour drive away from Metro Manila, nestled right in the heart of Nasugbu.

Terrazas de Punta Fuego rose to become a tropical hotspot that’s conveniently close to key cities yet also provides a serene view of the beaches and a relaxing place to take a swim.

Those who booked either Club Punta Fuego or Amara Residences can also access this resort’s facilities as part of the package.

Club Punta Fuego - Standard Sunset Room

The 61-hectare residential development features Hispanic architecture fused with Asian influences, much like the aforementioned resorts.

Unlike the others, however, its defining feature is the 800-meter stretch of fine white sand and pristine clear waters of Nasugbu. The Batangas mountain range also adds a magical quality to the place.

4. Crusoe Cabins

Crusoe Cabins - Beach

This Calatagan, Batangas beach resort is a new addition to the Anya Hospitality Corporation’s portfolio of premier resorts.

If you can’t decide between a waterpark and a beach resort, then why not take both? This new resort in Aquaria Water Park is also right next to a beach, so you can have one or the other.

Crusoe Cabins - Suite

Its fully furnished rooms each sport a seafaring theme in its architecture, invoking a sense of adventure in its guests.

Each of its cabins is fully furnished and air-conditioned, and comes with private bathrooms, a kitchenette, a mini-bar, a flat-screen TV, and veranda. Other amenities and services can also be requested.

Crusoe Cabins - Suite Exterior

Whether you’re a family, a group of friends, or a company looking for an exciting place for an outing, you’ll find a most wondrous adventure right here.

From the giant 3-storey waterslide to the open waters of Calatagan, all of these allow you to make your own unique summer adventure.

Now that you’ve got the options, it’s time to take your pick from these accommodations for your next vacation.

Check out their websites for awesome summer hotel promos and dive into a new adventure that’s not too far from home!