4 Reasons Why Archery is So Hot Right Now

Ever since the Hunger Games movies became monstrous hits, every girl wanted to be Katniss Everdeen. The consistent popularity of medieval-themed films such as Lord of the Rings and TV series such as Game of Thrones has suddenly made archers very attractive.

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Shooting arrows is not as effortless as it looks in the movies, though; even Katniss had to train for her extraordinary skills. Trying to decide if archery is the sport for you? Here are the reasons why more and more people are putting time into their bows and arrows.

1 ) Everyone can do it and it’s a lifetime sport

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Archery is both an Olympic and Paralympic sport. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, able-bodied or disabled, there’s room for you at the archery range. Even those in wheelchair can still shoot arrows! This is why you see young kids and retirees having a grand time at the range and there are people in their senior years competing at national competitions.

2 ) It’s a great exercise for the upper body

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Shooting arrows involves the use of your deltoids or shoulder muscles, as well as your back muscles and arms. Drawing the string backwards and holding it before releasing it to let go of the arrow develops the strength and endurance of the muscles involved. Perfecting the form of an archer requires dong this hundreds or thousands of times so imagine the workout your upper body will gain.

3 ) You can shoot arrows, rain or shine

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Archery is not a seasonal sport and you can shoot arrows indoors if the weather is too harsh outside. You can shoot 18 meters indoors and 20 to 70 meters outdoors, depending on your age and the type of equipment that you use.

4 ) It has a practical use

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If ever a zombie apocalypse happens and you are forced to live out your days at the woods, you will never starve if you know how to shoot arrows – you can easily hunt for food.

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