4 Reasons Why Booking Direct Online Will Help You Fully Enjoy Sea Wind Boracay

Do you wish to spend a getaway on a tropical paradise reminiscent of the old Boracay Island? If so, a stay at Sea Wind Boracay is what you deserve.

The Station 1 resort’s unspoiled beauty is meant for the unhurried traveler. It has a long stretch of beach all to itself, so guests can enjoy its spacious area and unobstructed view of the sea.

Sea Wind Boracay

Here’s an easy travel tip if you want to experience Sea Wind: Book direct online!

Did you know that booking directly through the hotel’s official website www.seawindboracay.ph will, more often than not, land you the cheapest and best deals for your accommodation?

Here’s a short list of benefits when you book direct:

1. Best Price Guarantee

The hotel promises its customers that by booking directly, you are getting the best deal online. If you have a confirmed direct online booking with Sea Wind, and find a cheaper price for the same offer within 24 hours on another website, they will match that price.

In the unlikely event that a lower price is made available on a non-Sea Wind Boracay website, they will honor that competing price and provide the individual who submitted the valid claim one of the following:

(1) an additional 10% discount off the competing price per room per night

(2) a voucher that the guest can use during their stay (the amount is equal to the difference between the original reservation rate and the competing price)

For complete terms and conditions, head over to www.seawindboracay.ph and look for the calendar widget. Then, click the question mark icon next to the “BEST PRICE GUARANTEE” text.

2. Safe and secure transaction

You’ll be using the hotel’s official Internet booking engine (IBE) when you do so. The IBE will help you manage your online reservation better by allowing you to compare rate plans, offer inclusions, policies, and other terms of validity for your desired stay dates.

You’ll also get to discover more promos which you won’t find elsewhere!

The IBE, along with the hotel website, is designed by DirectWithHotels Ltd. Trustwave and DigiCert ensure safe processing and secure the system respectively, thus payment privacy issues are avoided.

3. Complete and updated details on the hotel website

Booking online means navigating the official website in which the IBE is integrated. Therefore, online visitors can go on a seamless virtual tour in just a few clicks. You can explore all the webpages and learn much about this beachfront resort in Boracay, as well as its rooms, facilities, and event spaces.

Browsing the Rooms Page, for example, will help you decide which to reserve.

Needless to say, the website is user-friendly, intuitive, and responsive. The photos and text, along with all other details, are up-to-date, and of course, being monitored by the hotel itself.

4. Easy access to the hotel’s social media accounts

Sea Wind’s socials are connected to the website. You’ll be able to keep abreast of the latest news and updates about the hotel.

Sea Wind Boracay

At Sea Wind Boracay, you’ll find modern interiors fashioned after the traditional nipa hut, as well as architecture that blends seamlessly with the idyllic tropics. Its beachfront villas will make you look forward to a night of restful sleep and leisurely mornings.

Situated just along the northern end of the famous White Beach, this resort provides a blend of exclusivity and easy access to the island’s most popular spots, including Puka Beach and Boracay Butterfly Gardens.

Stay at Sea Wind Hotel and experience Boracay that it once was.

Sea Wind Boracay is in Station 1, Roberto & Gloria Tirol Park, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608, Philippines. Book direct now at www.seawindboracay.ph.