4 Tips to Avoid Crowds on Your Next Vacation

There’s nothing more annoying than expecting a relaxing vacation only to find the Subic resort you’re going to is already packed. You really can’t blame the crowd though, especially if you are going on a weekend. Everyone’s just looking to relax, too. Not to worry, here are 4 tips to avoid the packs of vacationers on your next trip:


1. Skip Major Holidays

Going on vacation on a weekday is out of the question for a lot of people. So the least you can do is to pick out a weekend that does not fall on a major holiday, such as Christmas or the Holy Week.


2. Try Being an Early Bird

If you don’t want to come upon a packed beach or swimming pool, try getting up really early. Aside from surely getting a nice spot by the sand or a free sunbed, you don’t have to worry too much about sun damage either.


3. Avoid Questionable Deals

If you find a resort with a deal that is too good to be true (read: too cheap), expect major drawbacks. Prices that are driven way too low are sure to attract a huge crowd.


4. Choose the Right Resort

Most of the time, avoiding crowds can be done by simply choosing the right accommodation. Even if there are many people staying at a resort but it has a huge pool or a long stretch of beach, you never have to experience being packed like sardines.


ACEA Subic Bay


The splendid ACEA Subic Bay is a seafront accommodation preferred by leisure travelers, thanks to its expansive and lush grounds plus palm-lined beach. This resort affords peace and tranquility from the busy city as well as crowded tourist sites.


A favorite among weekend warriors, ACEA Subic Bay is located in the Freeport Zone and is only 2-3 hours away from Manila. Guests are within easy reach of Subic restaurants and duty free shops. Adventure parks and attractions such as the Tree Top Adventure Subic, Pamulaklakin Forest Trail, El Kabayo Waterfalls, and Zoobic Safari are just a short ride away.


Inside the resort, you will find numerous things to do. On the beach alone, you can enjoy a wide range of water sports, from jet skis and kayaks to fly boats and banana boats.


One of the best spots in ACEA Subic Bay is the large outdoor infinity pool, which boasts wonderful views of the waters and neighboring mountains.

ACEA_Subic_Bay_play area

The resort also has a children’s play area, kiddie pool, karaoke rooms, and a game room.


For a sumptuous meal or cocktails to help cool you down, head to the onsite all-day dining establishment, Salt Restaurant.


At ACEA Subic Bay, choose from spacious rooms that feature either views of the gardens or the sea. All rooms have luxe, comfortable beds that you can sink into after a long day under the sun.