5 Alabang Restaurants for the Foodie Millennial

While most people from “the North” (Manila, Makati, Quezon City) hate commuting to “the South,” several cool places like The Bellevue Manila, Molito, and Alabang Town Center are sometimes reason enough for them to spend that extra toll fee.

With the rise of themed restaurants and specialty food hubs around the metro, the South is not backing down without putting up a fight. Here’s a list of 5 restaurants that would definitely win the foodie millennial’s heart.


Photo by www.ourawesomeplanet.com

“Let’s Volt in!” is probably what you’d be screaming once you get to this restaurant. Remember the good ol’ days and relive your childhood fantasies as one of the crews of Voltes V, Daimos, and even Mazinger Z.

Established by millennials who grew up with their parent’s 80’s music, you will surely have a trip down memory lane with their Japanese robot themed restaurant and awesome Japanese food.


Photo grabbed from Ramen Yoshuken FB page

We’re sure you’ve seen how decadent food is prepared in animes—steaming noodles with beef toppings, glowing as it is served and always presented in contrast to a shining background. Yes, I’m talking about the food our favorite anime characters love to devour—ramen.

If the Voltes V dream isn’t enough to quench your millennial trip, go down on some real goodness at Ramen Yushoken and see the realization of that anime food fantasy.


Photo grabbed from Exchange Alley Coffee House FB page

Apart from restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels in Alabang, the South is also known for specialty coffee houses. And if there’s one thing we millennials are known for, it’s our love for adventure, photos, and caffeine (I might be stereotyping a bit here. LOL).

Expect nothing but a good dose of caffeine with their freshly roasted, ground, and brewed beans everyday. And not just that, they also serve meticulously cooked food that is sure to win your hearts and stomachs.


Photo grabbed from Neil’s Kitchen FB page

Millennials love collaboration—especially if it’s a collaboration of good flavors worked into an ingenious dish. Neil’s Kitchen is probably one of the most visited restaurants in Alabang with its genius take on Filipino food. Imagine a marriage of traditional Pinoy food and modern cuisine techniques, neatly served in a platter.

Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly and Bagoong Paella with Kare-kare are two of their most ordered dishes. Talk about putting a twist to your typical Pinoy fiesta staple food.


Photo grabbed from The Bellevue Manila FB page

Everybody loves a good party, especially if it comes with a 360 view of urban skyline. Vue Bar provides serves as a much needed breather from the heaving scenes of the city. Not only that, they also serve kikiam, fish balls, and chicken balls—all the street food we loved munching on during our high school recess.

The Vue Bar is located at the 22nd Floor of The Bellevue Manila’s Tower Wing. Check out their newly revamped website and you might even score deals with their latest promos.