5 Awesome Road Trip Destinations in Malaysia

The best way to enjoy a Malaysian holiday is through a road trip. Believe me, if you’ve been to Malaysia before and only stayed in the city centre, you’ll be blown away with what else it offers when you take a drive across the country. Varied terrains and beautiful landscapes can be found at every state and city. Not to mention, road trips are pretty affordable, so you’ll be able to spend for both the drive and for a 5-star accommodation in Kuala Lumpur City Centre like Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur.

To guide you on your road trip, here are some of Malaysia’s best road trip destinations.

Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu can be found northeast of Kuala Lumpur, so you can easily drive out from your hotel at KLCC. Once you’ve driven out of the capital, you can make your way towards KT. The city is at the estuary of Terengganu River, facing the South China Sea.

  • Masjid Kristal

The Masjid Kristal, also known as the Crystal Mosque, is built with steel and glass on Wan Man Island, at the Islamic Heritage Park in Kuala Terengganu. Try to visit the site during sunset, and you might see how the sun beautifully reflects its rays on the mosque.

  • Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque

The Tengah Zaharah Mosque, or the Floating Mosque, is at the mouth of the Terengganu River. Its design combines modern architecture with a touch of Moorish motifs. The state hopes that this design will showcase a modernised Malay community in Terengganu.

Bukit Tinggi

At Bukit Tinggi, you will find the hill resort of Colmar Tropicale. It looks like a quaint French village, directly inspired by Colmar in Alsace, France. It really looks like the French countryside, not just in the the way the buildings are designed, but also in how the boutiques and cafes are lined up. You can also visit a Japanese botanical zen garden at Bukit Tinggi to relax once you’ve finished taking pictures of the hill resort.


In Pahang, you can visit Fraser’s Hill. If you’ve been itching to get on your feet, this is where you can enjoy nature-based recreation activities. You can choose to do lots of activities like golf, horseback riding, and archery. You can also go to the Strawberry Farm for freshly harvested fruits or visit Allan’s Water for some boating. If you want a challenge, you can always hike the Bishop Trails.


Melaka is one of the largest trading ports in Asia. Countless boats have passed through the Melaka river. It has been considered a twin city to Melaka, not just because of the trading port, but also because of the old-world architecture of most of the buildings in the city. In fact, the history of the city is so preserved that it’s been given the UNESCO World Heritage Site title.

For a taste of delectable dishes, make your way to the hawkers stalls at Jonker 88. You can also make your way to Johor Bahru and visit the Angry Birds Activity Park, Hello Kitty Land, and Legoland.


Finally, Penang city. It has also been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for the same reasons Melaka was awarded the title. But the best thing about Penang is not just the historical architecture that much mixes with contemporary design, but also because it’s pretty much a hipster haven. There are lots of hole-in-the-wall cafes and restaurants almost at every turn, almost are aesthetically appealing.

So if you find yourself in Malaysia again, consider renting a car and touring the city by driving through its streets. In this way, you won’t miss out on any of its hidden gems.