5 Best Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur’s food scene is as diverse as the cultures of the country itself. The prices even range from affordable hawker food to the luxury, fine-dining cuisine. A day in the city is like travelling around the world with dishes from Malaysia, India, China, French, Italian, and more.

Here we list down some of the restaurants you should visit when you find yourself in the clutches of Kuala Lumpur.

Bijan Bar and Restaurant

Malaysian Flavours
via Malaysian Flavours

Bijan Bar and Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant that serves fine Malay cuisine. Just like Kuala Lumpur city, the interior of Bijan blends traditional décor with contemporary style, with its batik wall hangings and wooden and bamboo furnishings arranged to create a cool ambiance.

Their dishes are the perfect introduction to Malay cuisine. It’s pork free, MSG free, and rendered fat. Signature dishes include Rusuk Panggang which are char-grilled short ribs, Kurma Kambing which is a spicy coconut milk curry, and the Pandan Cendol which is an ice shaving with coconut milk.

Nasi Kandar Pelita

Nasi Kandar Pelita

You’d think that food sold at Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle is going to be a bit pricey, but Nasi Kandar Pelita certainly proves that there are still affordable places to eat in the highly commercialised city.

Nasi Kandar Pelita is a family-run restaurant that serves mouth-watering Indian-Muslim dishes where a large serving of rice can come with a variety of curries and meats. They are definitely perfect for travellers who are looking to find budget-friendly local cuisine.

Bistro à Table

Bistro à Table

Just a few minutes away from the city centre is this classic French bistro that serves modern French cuisine using local ingredients. It is always packed with people ready to have their share of European food.

Bistro à Table is also known for its ever-changing menu, but there are some signature dishes that stay on the menu throughout the year. Favourite dishes from this restaurant are Maple Syrup Coddled Egg with Fleur de Sel and Crouton Dust, and Cannelloni of Scallops with Indonesian Black Nut Tapenade. All of the dishes served in this Parisian-like bistro is prepared by Chef Isadora Chai.

Troika Sky Dining

Troika Sky Dining

If you want to experience fine dining akin to a Tony Stark dinner night, then you should visit Troika Sky Dining. It has two dining venues and a bar that is beautifully complemented with the view of the city centre.

Strato is an Italian bistro with a chic interior of marble-top tables, steel fixtures, and wooden chairs. It was able to elevate your favourite Italian dishes to the next level with dishes such as Ravioli in Sage butter and Chicken Breast with Basil and Mozzarella.

Cantaloupe is a fusion-dining restaurant that serves French, Greek, Italian, and Spanish dishes prepared by Chef Christian Bauer. You must try the Truffled Poached Egg, Roast Wagyu Sirloin, and Lamb Tartare.

Claret is a one-of-a-kind wine and cocktail bar with a decor you haven’t seen anywhere else. It has a cosy vibe without sacrificing elegance with its wooden and steel fixtures, peculiar furnishings, and Chesterfield sofas at the outdoor terrace.

Wong Kee

Wong Kee

There’s no time for dieting and food portioning at Wong Kee. People flock the restaurant for the siew yoke or roast pork Robert Wong makes himself. As soon as the clock strikes noon, expect a long queue for the crispy skinned, tender pork, meat layer goodness.

Their siew yoke is considered to be the best in Kuala Lumpur, and it would be a shame if you get to miss eating that dish with mountains of rice.

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Kuala Lumpur is proving to be the best food trip destination for all travellers. So wear those eating pants and get ready to have a fun-filled, food-filled day.