Alona Beach is Named After A Sexy Star Plus 4 Other Mind Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Bohol

With the closure of the popular Boracay, a lot of other tourist destinations have gained attention, just like Panglao, Bohol. Beach resorts populate majority of the shores of the island making it the perfect getaway for a tropical paradise.

But apart from the powdery white sand beaches of Panglao and the mind-boggling switching of colors of the Chocolate Hills, Bohol is also home to other mind-blowing things that contribute to its value as a tourist destination.

Here are 5 fun trivia about Bohol that will probably leave you enthralled.

A Church Made of Food

Photo from Wikipedia

One of the most historical places in the Philippines can be found in Bohol. The Baclayon Church, which is the second oldest church in the country, is considered a National Treasure and historical landmark. Built in 1519, this church’s foundation was made out of coral stones and were cemented together using egg whites. Yes, you read that right—egg whites.

Photo from Przystanek Paradise

Who would have thought that the most basic ingredient we can find in the kitchen could be used to erect sturdy buildings that last centuries? Mind-blown? So are we.

Milk Chocolate Hills

Photo from Island of the Philippines

Probably the most famous attraction in Bohol, the Chocolate Hills has been visited by many people from all over the world. With its colors that change from green to chocolate brown, it has indeed astounded many tourists both local and international. However, just recently, we were surprised to know that these Hershey Kisses looking hills aren’t actually purely chocolate-y.

Photo from LifeBuzz

A recent earthquake has caused some of the hills to crack open, and people were surprised to see that the insides of it were actually white. Who would’ve thought that this delicious looking display of nature could get any yummier?

Sexy Alona Beach

Photo from Vigattin Tourism

When it comes to where to stay in Panglao, Alona beach is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. With its powdery white sand and beautiful shorelines, there’s no doubt that this place is one heck of a dream tropical destination. But have you ever wondered why a provincial beach would have an extremely sexy sounding name?

Photo from Journal of a Trotamundos

According to locals, its name was taken from a Filipino sexy star, Alona Alegre who filmed a liquor commercial in the shores of this very beach wearing a revealing 2-piece swim suit. Ever since, the locals have called the place Alona Beach due to this iconic commercial shoot. Didn’t know that, did you?

Mahogany Forest Initiative

Photo from Around Bohol

Whenever you would browse your Instagram (or even the internet) for photos of Bohol, one of the most famous photos that you would see is the towering canopy of mahogany trees lined along the countryside roads of Bohol. But this postcard worthy display of nature is actually not a natural forest, but one that was initiated by the local government.

Photo from Pinterest

As a response to the worsening problem of slash and burn (aka kaingin), the planting of these trees was a reforestation initiative to counter the negative effects of soil erosion in the area. No doubt these trees are almost perfectly lined, achieving that surreal forest feels.

Solar Panel Powered Airport

Photo from Project LUPAD

Continuing their pursuit to salvage mother nature from further damage, Bohol’s government have furthered their programs toward sustainable tourism. One of their biggest projects is the new Eco-Airport, the first international eco-friendly airport in the country, where 1/3 of the passenger terminal buildings are powered by solar panels.

Photo from Project LUPAD

Dubbed as the “Green Gateway to the World,” it also makes use of natural ventilation to lessen carbon footprint, and in turn, cause less harm to the environment. While there aren’t exact dates of when the airport is going to be operational, it’s definitely one additional reason to visit Bohol.


These are but some of the cool trivia about Bohol. We’re pretty sure it is home to more interesting facts as it is one of the most historical places in the country. So when you get to visit this place, aside from lounging in luxury in your Panglao, Bohol beach resort, take some time to go out and ask the locals about stories. We’re sure you’ll get something out of the ordinary.