5 Boracay Travel Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

Before you book a stay in a tranquil beach resort in Boracay or buy tickets for a flight to this world-famous tropical paradise, check out these 5 travel hacks for a more convenient and expedient island experience.

1. Travel during “Amihan” season.

Amihan refers to the cool trade wind that blows from the northeast. This wind, which comes starting September or October to May or June of the following year, helps create calm weather conditions on the island. This means that during those months, White Beach on Boracay’s western side offers ideal conditions for swimming, while Bulabog Beach on the east side is suitable for wind surfing. For those planning a beach wedding in Boracay, Amihan season is also highly recommended.

2. Look out for Boracay packages online.

If you’re traveling during the off-peak season, do a quick Google search for affordable promos. Who knows, you might snag a great online deal at a Boracay tropical beach resort and pay cheaper rates for accommodation. Case in point: the Lean Season Promotion of Sea Wind Boracay that runs until December 2017. It offers up to 55% off the room rate.

Sea Wind Boracay is in Boracay Island’s Station 1, just along the northern end of the famous White Beach.

You can also check out for Boracay beach wedding packages if you’re planning to tie the knot soon.

3. Be mindful of the luggage limits.

The amount of baggage you’re bringing along depends on where your flight is landing. Flights to Kalibo have a limit of 15 to 20 kilos, as this airport can accommodate bigger jets. Meanwhile, if you’re arriving at Caticlan airport, there is a limit of 10 kilos (around 22 lbs.) per person. Additional tip: if you’re traveling light or running on a tighter schedule, then Caticlan is the airport for you.

4. Do not forget to bring sunblock.

Remember that Boracay is a tropical island, and if you don’t want to get burned, make sure to have a bottle of sunblock with you. And don’t just grab the first bottle of sunscreen that you see – check the label if it’s at least SPF 30, to ensure that it offers ample sun protection.

5. Take note of the numbers to call in case of an emergency.

While Boracay is a generally secure island, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. So, save the following hotlines on your phone:

  • Boracay Hospital – 141 or 288-3041
  • Malay Municipal Hospital – 288-8729
  • Philippine National Police (Yapak) – 130
  • Barangay Yapak – 195
  • Barangay Balabag – 194
  • Barangay Manoc-Manoc – 193
  • Manoc-Manoc Outpost – 150
  • Coast Guard Boracay – 288-6150
  • Lifeguard Command Center – 288-3609
  • Department of Immigration – 288-5267
  • Department of Tourism Boracay – 288-3689
Boracay sunset is simply glorious.

With these travel hacks on hand, there’s no need for you to worry about your reservation at a Boracay tranquil beach resort, so just relax and enjoy your holiday.