5 Epic OPM Songs to Include In Your Travel Playlist

Photo by Averie Woodard from Unsplash

An impressive music playlist can spell the difference between a sleepy 6-hour drive and an exciting road trip. With summer fast approaching, we have 5 of the coolest OPM songs you need to have in your summer travel playlist.

1. First of Summer – Urbandub
Drive me away ‘cause the night just feels right / Take me away with you tonight

Kick off the morning with this classic OPM hit from the early 2000’s. The frenetic guitar riffs and urgent vocals will make you pumped up and ready for the long ride ahead.

2. Morning Swim – Turbo Goth
The water’s too cold and my skin’s too thin / But I just wanna dive in and go for a swim

Imagine waking up at sunrise and feeling the cool breeze against your skin as you wade into the ocean. Morning swims are totally non-negotiable if you’re going to the beach.

3. Languyin – Autotelic
Lamunin man ako ng alon handa akong / Languyin / Tangayin man ng hangin / Maligaw, handa akong / Lakbayin

Get turnt with this upbeat pop track from indie band Autotelic. Watch the music video to appreciate the best thing about going on beach trips – making new friends and creating unforgettable memories.

4. Open Road – The Ransom Collective
We’ve got the open road / Nothing but blue skies / Used to the summer days / And to the starry nights

Cruise along stretches of concrete highway and cloudless skies as you jam along to this solid bop. “Open Road” reminds you that oftentimes, the journey is just as important as the destination itself.

5. Weekend Warrior Blues – Markus Highway
Kay sarap ng hampas ng mga alon sa pagitan natin / Kay sarap mo ring tumawa at tumoma sa bonfire

Cap off your amazing weekend with this soothing song from Eraserheads’ Marcus Adoro. Nothing beats drinking beer on the beach and trading stories around the bonfire with your best friends under the starry night sky.

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