5 Essential Cancun Travel Tips for the First-timer

It’s summer once again in sunny Mexico and for those who live for the beach, this means going to the Caribbean to get a gorgeous tan and cooling off with margaritas! When it comes to summer vacations, nothing beats going to Cancun for your fix of sun, sand, and sea.

From area-international.com
From area-international.com

If this is your first time to go to Cancun, be prepared to have the time of your life as you experience the best of the Mexican Caribbean. To make your stay a truly enjoyable one, make sure to keep in mind the following Cancun travel tips:

  • Always, ALWAYS put on sunscreen
From hercampus.com
From hercampus.com

The sun in Cancun is as scorching as the gorgeous locals hanging out at the beach, so be generous with the sunscreen if you don’t want to suffer horrific sunburn. It’s best to buy before your trip, since sunscreens in Cancun can be terribly expensive. Bring some aloe vera gel while you’re at it to soothe your skin in case of sunburns.

  • Learn to deal with hawkers
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Since Cancun is an immensely popular vacation spot, you can expect hawkers everywhere, especially in the main tourist area. They certainly are friendly, but they can be very persistent when it comes to hawking their wares. You will be swamped with offers for time share presentations or adventure park excursions. The easiest way to deal with them is to say “No gracias” over and over until they leave you alone.

Mind you, some of them do offer great deals, but if this is your first time, you’re better off having a local friend do the negotiation in order for you to get your cash’s worth.

  • Brush up on your Spanish
From flipkey.com
From flipkey.com

You don’t have to be super fluent, but it helps to know the commonly used phrases such as “gracias” or “por favor” so you can get around easy. You can always use the internet to learn the words and phrases you will need for your travels.

  • Take the bus
From riviera-maya-news.com
From riviera-maya-news

Taking the bus up and down Cancun’s hotel zone will cost you about 10 pesos or less than a dollar per trip. It’s way cheaper than taking the taxi. When you ride the bus and hand your fee to the driver, make sure to ask for your change by saying “El Cambio”. There are tourists who let the driver keep the change so if you don’t ask for yours, the driver will assume that you’re letting him have it. But you can also let him keep the change if you want.

  • Know where to find real Mexican food
From 10best.com
From 10best.com

Steer clear of those big touristy restaurants that are marketed for foreigners. They serve inferior Mexican dishes because they believe that foreigners don’t like the spicy stuff that locals regularly eat, so they tame down the taste of the food.

Check out where the locals go instead to find the real stuff. These are usually restaurants that have their menus painted on the walls or written on a blackboard. They usually have big grills up front and the interior and façade feature simple lighting and decors. If the place is always packed with locals, chances are you’re in the right place.

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