5 Places in Makati City That Will Take You on Trip Through History

Thinking about reserving a room at Makati Diamond Residences? You must know that although you will be staying in one of the Philippines’ most progressive metropolises, you will still get the chance to have a brush with the country’s rich history. This city is not all about money and jobs, and you can prove this by visiting these very interesting attractions that we have included in our list.

1. Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Constructed in 1620, Church of Saints Peter and Paul is known as the first and oldest operational church in the city. It is also considered as one of the best preserved Spanish architecture pieces in northern Philippines.

photo by Bride Worthy

During your visit, you can attend mass or simply look around to admire the impressive mix of intricacy and simplicity in the building’s design.

photo by My Catholic Portal

2. Filipinas Heritage Library

Do you want to have the chance to access over 13,000 titles that cover various subjects, such as the country’s history, languages, social sciences, and arts? Then head over to Filipinas Heritage Library.

photo by Flickr

Located right inside the historic Nielson Tower, the Philippines’ first commercial airport, this priced attraction also uses state-of-the-art information technologies, so going through their collections will be easy.

photo by Canadian Inquirer

3. Makati Museum

Already an artifact in itself — because it is almost 100 years old — Makati Museum is where you must go if you want to go as deep into the city’s history as possible. Here, you will find archaeological and ethnographic pieces that include ancient earthenware and fossils of prehistoric animals.

photo by Makati Poblacion Heritage Conservation Project

As well, you will get to behold murals, photos, and documents that detail events in the thriving metropolis’ rich past. To get to its address from your hotel in Makati near Greenbelt, you only have to drive to J. P. Rizal Street in Barangay Poblacion.

photo by Vagrant One

4. Guadalupe Ruins

Truly a classic example of Doric architecture, Makati’s old church known as Guadalupe Ruins will let you take a peek into history to some 400 years ago. It stands along Bernardino Street in Guadalupe Viejo, and Augustinian friars built it in 1629 and named it Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church.

photo by Make it Makati

Once you set foot in this landmark, you will find the still intact large buttresses that support its vault of hewn stones.

photo by The Urban Roamer

5. Ayala Museum

What could be the most sophisticated and extensive repository of artifacts that represent the nation’s culture and arts, Ayala Museum was built in 1967 and now houses 6 permanent exhibitions. Among the most acclaimed collections here displays 60 handcrafted dioramas that depict specific points in Philippine history. If you would like to view a vast array of age-old chinaware that traces the commercial ties between China and the rest of Southeast Asia, you will also find this gallery here.

photo by ABS-CBN News

Ayala Museum is located at the intersection of Makati Avenue and De la Rosa Street, within the Greenbelt Mall complex. It is just a short walk away from Makati Diamond Residences’ serviced apartments.

photo by Zeo Trip