5 Proudly Filipino Local Products and Where to Find Them in the City

With the proliferation of hotels in Muntinlupa, malls in Pasay, and businesses in Makati, it is quite difficult to find something cultural in the metro—a common dilemma among people with foreign friends visiting the Philippines.

While museums and parks allow for some historical learning, most people wouldn’t really go out on a limb and endure Manila traffic. Luckily, we’ve come to offer a solution. What better way is there to introduce our culture than through locally made  Filipino products?

Here’s a list of 5 native Filipino products and where you can find them in the city.

1. Native Décor

Handcrafted Calesa
Image from Random Republika

From wood carvings to home décor made of capiz, there’s a wide array of handcrafted Pinoy products to choose from. These products, like the ones showcased by Saffy Handicrafts,  put a spotlight on Filipinos’ skill in intricacies and attention to detail.

Apart from promoting our heritage, they also help empower local artisans from all over the Philippines by giving them a business platform.

2. Wooden Bags and Accessories

Wooden Purses and Accessories from Kath's
Image from Random Republika

If there’s one thing we Pinoys are proud of, it’s the ability to make the most of the resources around us. Locally manufactured handbags made of acacia wood, pineapple and abaca fiber, pearls, and semi-precious gems are a validation to this ingenuity.

Wooden slippers or what we call bakya have also evolved into modern forms, and can also serve as a good reflection of our history.

3. Hand-woven Grass and Buri Bags

Hand-woven bags from Abre Linea
Image from Random Republika

A testament to Filipino resilience, Abre Linea bags came about from the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). It was initially launched as a project that aimed to assist people in various towns in Samar and Leyte, where the typhoon had the biggest impact.

Woven with such sophistication and class, who would have thought that ticog grass and buri can be turned into such artful pieces?

4. Water Hyacinth Bags

Laguna Water Hyacinth Bags
Image from Random Republika

What was once responsible for severe flooding is now the source of a community livelihood. These water lily bags are carefully crafted to bring forth export-quality products that are infused with our country’s beautiful and traditional weaves; a rather genius revival of a Filipino art for that has gone in remission with the modernization of the country.

5. Chocolate-coated Dried Mangoes

Sweet Seasons Choco-coated Dried Mangoes
Image from Random Republika

When we say world-class, we don’t only refer to talent; we also mean cuisine. Parallel to our culture is the richness of our palates, as evident in the variety of dishes and delicacies from our provinces.

A product of innovation and creativity, these widely exported chocolate-coated dried mangoes have since been the top choice for airline snacks, diplomatic gifts, and even presidential flight treats.

Itching to get your hands on these products? You need not go far. These and a lot more are available at the Acacia Hotel Manila in Alabang, Muntinlupa, where they have a Souk, dedicated to promoting Filipino innovation while supporting the country’s marginalized communities.

Know more about what else you can find at the Acacia Hotel Manila by visiting their website.