5 Reasons to Extend Your Boracay Island Getaway

To most island goers, a vacation in Boracay in a holiday villa is always tantamount to a swimming getaway. But the world-renowned island is more than just fun water activities. Take our word: if you got the time, you should definitely stay as long as you can. If you’re thinking of a 3-night retreat, and you can still go for 4, then you should go for it.

One day can contain so much interesting experiences when you’re in one of the world’s most beautiful and exciting islands. Still not convinced? Then read these 5 reasons we’ve gathered for you, and at the end of the day, you’ll surely want to linger some more.

1. Longer party frenzy

As the country’s summer party capital, Boracay Island will not cease drowning you in fun as the sun starts to set. In the bars that dot its long stretch of white sand, mostly on White and Bulabog beaches, you will see parties hailed as the best in the Philippines.

Cocomanga’s Shooter Bar, Ariel’s House, Hangout Bar, Pat’s Creek Bar, and Jony’s are only some of the watering holes that you shouldn’t miss. Visitors who opt to drink in a bar that is just a short walk from their honeymoon villas with private pool, Club Paraw is the go-to place. If you haven’t gone to at least 5 of these hotspots, then leaving should not yet be your top option.

Club Paraw

2. Lets you explore the surrounding gems beyond the beach

White, Puka, Cagban, Manoc-manoc, Ilig-iligan, Bulabog, and Balinghai beaches — if you’ve visited them all, that’s no reason to say that you’ve seen all that Boracay Island has to offer. What you should do next is spend a day island hopping. With a motor-powered long-tail boat, you can visit Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, and Tulubhan and Tambisaan reefs. Most Boracay villa resorts offer tour arrangements in these must-see attractions.

Crystal Cove
Crocodile Island

3. More plates of yummy seafood

Never end any island getaway without having a plate of seafood. And here in Boracay, D’Talipapa is the best way to go if you are on the lookout for the largest, juiciest lobsters, prawns, oysters, squids, crabs, scallops, and more.

Once you’ve purchased your fresh goods, you can head straight to your Boracay holiday villa or to a restaurant of your choice and have the crew prepare your seafood lunch or dinner for you. Surely, you’ll miss eating them as soon as you set foot in your plane back to the city, so why not stay for another day?

4. More time to relish an affordable, stylish accommodation

Some people tend to shorten their vacation due to lack of budget for a hotel room. Luckily, there are Boracay all-inclusive resorts with jacuzzi on balcony that offer deals and promotions for every beach bum around. Among these is Nami Resort, an accommodation in Diniwid Beach that is known for travelers who long for romantic getaways with private pool. Book any of its Boracay villa accommodation deals through the hotel website and get instant confirmation.

Nami Resort’s location on a majestic cliff allows you to enjoy spectacular views of Boracay unavailable anywhere else in the island.
Wake up to stunning scenes from the balconies of this Boracay villa accommodation.

5. For local showbiz fanatics, more celebrity sightings

Many people who visit the island enjoy the presence of local celebrities who add more charm to this paradise. Do you want to learn that your favorite actor, singer, model, or socialite landed as soon as you boarded the plane to end your vacation in a Boracay holiday villa? Of course you don’t.