5 Reasons Why Pearl Farm Remains Samal Island’s Gem

Exploring Samal Island tourist spots used to be extremely hard because of how costly it is to get there. But thanks to low cost airlines and the regular seat sales, we are finally able to catch a taste of this tropical paradise in Mindanao. What we used to drool over photos in the past is finally within reach for wanderlusters like us.

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The boom of the Philippine tourism industry back in 2015 has undeniably put Island Garden City of Samal into everyone’s travel bucket list. More and more people started visiting the area and with it came the emergence of different resorts that populated the shoreline of the island.

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But among the resorts Samal cradles, Pearl Farm Beach Resort remains a standout and here are the reasons why:

1. Exclusive Paradise

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The whole island of Samal is peppered with resorts, and it’s inevitable that these resorts are packed with a lot of tourists. While this is no problem to most people, it can sometimes take away from the serenity that the place has to offer. And this is one of the reasons why Pearl Farm stands out.

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This Samal resort lets you enjoy the exclusivity of the island so you can do away with the crowd and just bask in pure nature’s bliss. Because let’s face it, with a place as stunning as this island, you surely would want to have it all to yourself.

2. Mindanao Culture

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Apart from the pristine shores and crystal waters of Samal, Pearl Farm also takes pride in being a cradle of Mindanao culture and traditions. The moment you walk into the resort’s premises, you are greeted with a reflection of Mindanao’s rich cultural tapestry.

Prominent in its interior design is the okir motif, an artistic heritage depicting the skill and originality of the Maranaos. Apart from this, the structures and interior design of its rooms are also inspired from Mindanaoan concepts such as the Mandaya and Malipano accommodations.

3. Gastronomic Feast

Staying true to their tagline of “Weaving Authentic Experiences,” Pearl Farm also gives you a dose of authentic Mindanao flavors through a gastronomic feast. Let your taste buds experience the same delight that your sight does with their selection of dining options.

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Try a taste of island life with the delicious cuisine at their food establishments. With multiple restaurants that serve cultural and foreign cuisine (fresh seafood, exotic fruits, and exciting drinks), there’s definitely a dish that would satisfy your palates.

4. Unparalleled Prestige

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You are sure to experience the best of tropical luxury inside the resort’s premises. Being the only 5-star resort in Mindanao, Pearl Farm makes sure that you get the best Samal experience from its picturesque structures and first-class service. No doubt it was awarded by Tripadvisor the Travelers’ Choice for 2018 badge.

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Lavish in the comforts of their plush linens and wake up to the beautiful sceneries of Samal Island as your accommodation gives you a stunning view of the ocean. Or indulge in relaxation as you take advantage of their amenities like the spa and their dining outlets.

5. Amazing Deals

Just in time for the holiday season, this Samal Island resort gives you more reasons to be merry. Indulge in a one of a kind tropical Christmas with their package deals with their Yuletide Season package that offers full-board meals, parola cocktails, and a lot more perks.

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Available for stays between December 21-31, 2018, you even get to enjoy a sumptuous and festive special buffet dinner on the 24th and 31st. Definitely a merry treat for everyone!


So if ever you’re in the island, don’t go through the hassle of scouring the internet for the best Samal Island tourist attractions. Paying a visit to Pearl Farm will surely do the trick in giving you the best of Samal.