5 Things to Bring When You Go Island Hopping in Boracay Island

You could stay at one of the best resorts in Boracay, but your trip wouldn’t be complete if you don’t go on an island hopping tour during your visit.

An island hopping tour is easily one of the most memorable activities you can do on the island. The scenic views, refreshing breeze, and the bounty of the sea makes island hopping special and interesting.

But before you hop on a boat and put a life vest on, you need to prepare a few essential items to make the experience convenient and enjoyable.

1. Camera

It’s difficult to imagine anybody forgetting their camera when they go on trips like these. After all, it is one of the most basic travelers’ necessities. But sometimes when the excitement and anticipation kicks in, people tend to forget basic things. Its not often that you will get the chance to go island hopping, that’s why you need to capture every moment. If you have one of those fancy waterproof ones, it will come in handy when you go snorkeling in Crocodile Island.

2. Drinking water

Another essential item that many seem to forget during trips like these is drinking water. You will spend a few hours on a boat, surrounded by undrinkable sea water. Tours are usually held in the morning when the sun is out, with the many activities that you will engage in, it’s nice to have plenty of drinking water by your side to avoid dehydration. Bring a gallon or two, depending on how many are there in your party.

3. A loaf of bread

Yes, bread that you can throw out in to the water to attract fish. Your tour guides will take you to a place where you can actually swim with schools of fishes, and since they are afraid of people, you need to lure them with bread. Throw a few strips on the water and you will see these little creatures swarm over them. As for the snorkeling gear, these will be included in the tour, so all you need to do is enjoy the amazing moment with your friends or loved ones.

4. Hand sanitizer

The last stop of the tour before heading back to your beach resort in Boracay Station 1 is at Puka Beach. There is a small restaurant here that serves simple but delicious Filipino dishes. To really experience the island way of life, you have to try eating without the use of utensils. And since fresh water is very limited, it is important to have a hand sanitizer to use after eating.

5. Money

There are vendors at Puka Beach offering various handmade accessories like necklaces and bracelets made from shells and wood. It would be very wise if you have some cash on you, so you can buy souvenirs for classmates and co-workers back home before heading back to your Boracay accommodation. Remember, you should haggle for the best deals so you can get the most out of your money. In case you actually forgot to bring money during the tour, don’t worry because the best resorts in Boracay have retail or gift shops inside their premises.

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