5 Things to Enjoy in Leyte That is Not Kalanggaman Island

After troubling yourself about where to stay in Leyte, the next thing to worry about is arranging your itinerary to maximize the experience. And when people think of Leyte, the first thing that comes to mind is Kalanggaman Island. Famous for its blue waters and fine white sand bar, this island has attracted many tourists from all over the world.

However, Leyte has more to offer than this beautiful strip of sand. Here are 5 non-mainstream tourist destinations in Leyte that is not Kalanggaman Island.

1. Ulot River

Resembling the thrills and adventure of white water rafting, riding a torpedo boat along this 10.5km river is perfect for adventure seekers. Let the water lead you to Deni Point where you can enjoy additional activities like having snacks, sipping some fresh coconut juice while wading in the water, or taking a plunge at this refreshing natural stream.

2. Sohoton Cave

Cradled in Sohoton Natural Park, this cave is full of astounding rock formations. Explore a glorious world that is not known to many and be amazed by stalactites and stalagmites that form columns inside this cave. Apart from spelunking, you can also opt to ride a kayak to head to its majestic natural bridge.

3. Fire Dance

Considered as one of the best hotel in Palo, Leyte, The Oriental Leyte have exquisite dining options that provide you more than just the delectable dishes. Enjoy your evening with fire dance performances as you munch on your sumptuous meals at Samsara Restaurant or the Sand Bar.

4. MacArthur Park

A great historical marker to all Filipinos, this park is a protected area that commemorates the return of General Douglas MacArthur to liberate the Filipinos from Japanese colonization in 1944. Perfect for some history and cultural immersion, this place also doubles as a good Instagram bait where you can take stunning vacation photos.

5. San Juanico Bridge

Spanning 2 kilometers in length, this ingenious infrastructure used to be the defining icon of Leyte. The San Juanico bridge takes the form of the letters S and L to symbolize the initials of the provinces it connects, Samar and Leyte. You can witness the sight of this engineering marvel without having to go far if you decide wisely on where to stay in Leyte.