5 Things to Expect at The Oriental Bataan


The Oriental Bataan is Bataan’s pride when it comes to leisure hotels. Planning a road trip up North? Searching for new places to discover? Check out the list below for the 5 things that are waiting for you when you book your stay at this hotel!

5. Authentic Oriental Food


One of the things that’s truly The Oriental Bataan is how they fuse different Asian tastes – mostly Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines – to tickle your taste buds with that authentic flavor. Most of their meals showcase these cuisines but, of course, they still have some Filipino favorites including Beef Tapa in their menu.


They have around 5 restaurants in total, so that’s definitely something to look out for, right? Hooray for food explorations right inside this hotel in Bataan!

4. Chill Ambience


Stargazing, chill drinking sessions, and chitchat moments are made even more relaxing at The Oriental Bataan. They have an open-space area with beds, cushioned benches, chairs, and tables where you can chill and unwind under the stars at night, or watch as the sun sets behind the mountains.


Cheers for the good times!

3. Picture-Perfect View


Wake up to nature’s artworks right outside your window with the view that this hotel is surely proud of. Mountains, the sea, clear skies, and lush trees are just some of what your sense of sight will be treated to.


Get those cameras and smartphones ready! The view is worth taking (lots) of photos of.

2. One-stop Convenience


The Oriental Bataan will soon have a clubhouse, a tennis court, and a golf course. They’re not fully developed yet but they have all of those things in store for you!


If you check in now, though, you’d still be treated to a cool dip in the pool and you’d still get to chill around under the sky!

1. Snug Rooms


You’ve traveled for hours just to get to Mariveles, Bataan. You’ve spent the entire day indulged in various activities. What better way to end an eventful day than to allow your head to hit the soft pillows and your body to relax on comfortable mattresses? Allow the rooms of The Oriental Bataan to give you a peacefully uninterrupted night’s rest.

As of now, The Oriental Bataan is still a continuous work in progress but its full glamor is expected by the end of this year or early next year. Still, we had a blast during our visit and we hope that you will, too!

For more information, visit The Oriental Bataan’s Facebook page.