5 Tips for Stunning Boracay Beach Photography

Spending your vacation in a place like The Tides Hotel in Boracay gives you wonderful opportunities to take Instagram-worthy pictures. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with supreme skills that can capture a beautiful beach filled with captivating colors. But don’t fret. We’ve gathered a few photography tips that can actually do the trick.

1. Create impressive silhouettes.

The long stretch of Boracay’s White Beach has a lot of open spaces, which makes it a great place to take dramatic silhouettes. You can try this any time of the day, but it is much easier to do when the sun is close to the horizon. You just have to place your subject between the light source (that’s the sun) and your camera. The subject will remain dark when you set the exposure according to the lighter part of the picture, which is the background.

2. Stay away from the crowd.

This might sound impossible when you’re in a place like Boracay. But it’s actually doable. Ditch the White Beach and go to less-visited beaches around the island. You can choose among Puka, Ilig-Iligan, and Bolabog. Yes, you need to travel a bit farther away, but you’ll get more chances of getting photobomber-free snaps. You might also want to consider taking a trip during lean season (rainy months of August to November). Dark clouds, rainfall, and currents can paint both the sky and sea in magnificent colors.

3. Wait for the “golden hour” and “blue hour.”

Golden hour refers to a very short period of daytime just a bit after sunrise or before sunset. It is when the daylight is softer, giving a dream-like appearance. The yellow-orange tints of the golden hour fit the seaside scenery well. You’ll have long shadows that add texture to the sand and you can create silhouettes.

Just a short moment after the golden hour, the blue hour takes place. It is when the sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade. Just make sure to take as many pictures as you can before it gets totally dark.

4. Keep the horizon straight.

Needless to say, this trick is fundamental in beach photography. And achieving this is as easy as ABC. You just have to make sure that your camera is straight when taking photos. Having a hard time to get it right? Well, you don’t really have to worry if you didn’t manage to get your horizon straight. It only takes a few seconds to fix it in a photo-editing app.

5. Look for high vantage points.

Most beach photos are taken from water level. If you want to capture breathtaking snaps, explore the surroundings and look for a new POV. By changing the perspective, you’ll most likely produce unique pictures. Try to find a cliff, a hill, or make reservations at a Boracay accommodation’s rooftop restaurant. The extra effort will be definitely worth it.

Where to stay in Boracay?

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*All beach photos were taken by Eljay Deldoc.