5 Tips to Travel Safely During the Rainy Season

The city commute can be a challenge to travel safely in during the rainy season. You might even have no choice but to book a hotel in Manila in the event that even ride-sharing apps fail to get you a trip home, or if the traffic becomes too congested for you to drive in.

Makati City Skyline
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But it doesn’t have to be a bigger headache than it has to be. Here are some tips you can follow in order to minimize your commuter hassles during a storm.

1. Bring your rain gear

Rainy Days Commute
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The essential rainy season survival kit should have an umbrella at the very least. Other crucial items include a raincoat, boots, emergency funds and extra clothes just in case you get soaked. If needed, seal the clothes with a large enough ziplock bag, and keep a separate one for electronics.

It’s always advisable to avoid floods, but in the event you have to wade through one, waterproof shoes and boots will be your best friends.

2. Bring your charger and powerbank

Phone charger
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Keeping your lines open is always a must in the event of a storm. Before leaving the office, have your phone fully charged and have a powerbank ready just in case. After all, not only will you need your phone to book your ride, but also have something to inform your family where you are at all times.

3. Avoid congested lines

Ayala Park Square
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Heavy rains always bring traffic, but that also comes with congested commuter queues. With motorists slowed down to a near standstill, public utility vehicles are also hampered from reaching the terminals on time.

You can avoid this by either leaving early or finding someplace to stay and wait out for the commuter load to thin out. Malls and even hotels can make for comfortable places.

4. Confirm your company remote work policy

Working on a laptop
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Now that the work from home bill has been passed, you might want to check your company’s policies if they allow you to do so. Not only will remote work help save on the commute money, you can also be spared the trouble of commuting in the rain as well.

5. If all else fails, check in to a hotel

Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern - Deluxe Room

If for whatever reason, you find yourself unable to find a way home due to heavy traffic or long commuter lines, booking a hotel in Manila might be a viable last resort.

As opposed to being left out in the cold, staying indoors with a place that can provide a comfortable place to rest is generally preferable. Even if you may have to shell out some extra cash, it’s better than having to endure the rains.

When selecting a place to stay, you might want to find an accommodation that allows you to book hotel promos from your phone for easier access. If they have mobile-exclusive promos, it’ll help save more for you.

While this option is a last resort, it’s always ideal to have a place to stay just in case commuting becomes impossible. The important thing is to stay dry and safe.