5 Tips When Traveling With Pets

Right now, almost everyone is in quarantine. On a lighter note, your dog must love all of the attention they are getting from you. You get to spend so much time with them now.

Now, maybe you might have gotten a little bit attached to your furry friend and would like to bring them on your next vacation? Here are 5 tips to help you out if you want to travel with your pets:

1. Find a pet-friendly hotel

This is the most important thing you should find first. There are only a few establishments that are willing to accommodate four-legged guests and you should inquire in advance to find out the guidelines or rules. Some hotels will request your pet’s health book, just to check if all vaccinations are complete.

2. Find the right crate or carrier

Let’s face it, you can’t really put a regular seatbelt on your dog and be done with it. Getting a crate or carrier is the way to travel with pets, make sure to secure it onto your vehicle. There are also other alternatives you might consider, such as a harness seat belt.

3. Get packing

You aren’t the only one who needs their stuff for the weekend trip! Although your pet doesn’t need their own suitcase, be sure to bring their essentials. Pack their travel papers or other important documents, food and bowl, leash, plastic bag or wee pads, grooming tools, and a pet first-aid kit. To bring a sense of familiarity to a strange new place, bring your dog’s favorite pillow or toy.

4. Practice traveling

Introduce your dog to the vehicle you will ride so they will be more familiar with it. Then start going on short drives. Just around the block and then drive a little further afterward. This is highly important, especially if you plan on going on a long road trip with your furry pal.

5. Feed them first

Before you start your journey, feed your dog a light meal and give them time to digest. About 3 to 4 hours should be enough time between feeding and starting your trip. Never feed your dog during the ride.

Here in Metro Manila, there are a few pet-friendly hotels here and there but the best place to stay would have to be The Cirque Serviced Residences.

@Jaynel Jutoy

Not only does this accommodation welcome pets but there’s even a dog park outside the building!

If you want to make an advance booking at The Cirque Serviced Residences for you and your pet, visit www.thecirque.com.ph.