6 Handy Camping Tips For Beginners

Each person should experience roughing it out with Mother Nature, be it a mountain climbing expedition or a commune to the woods. If sleeping under a starry night sky is in your bucket list, then you should definitely make plans to go camping in South Africa for a day or more.

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If this is your first time to go camping, take heed of the following tips that will make your nature-tripping easier, whether you plan to set up a tent or bring your own caravan.

  • Bring mosquito repellent
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Mosquitoes and other insects are part of the camping experience and you shouldn’t venture out without protecting your skin, unless you want to risk getting diseases. There are lotions and spray-ons you can use and there are formulations made for kids too. Slather on generously whenever you head out of your tent or caravan.

  • Have earplugs ready
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Part of the camping experience is taking in the sounds all around the campsite, be it the crickets or the roars of the animals in the distance. But there are sounds we can’t tolerate, such as the noise from the nearby camping group or the snoring of your friends. Earplugs will definitely help in giving you some peace and quiet especially around bedtime.

  • Bring duct tape
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The duct tape is the camper’s best friend. You can use it to fix just about anything – tents, inflatable mattresses, mosquito nets, shoes. With a duct tape, you’re ready for just about any kind of fix-it situation.

  • Have extra ground sheets ready
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You can use these as extra cushion for muddy and uneven grounds in your tent, as well as privacy screens if you are travelling with other people.

  • Bring your own light source
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You can never have enough light source when it comes to camping, so always bring back-up. Bring flashlights, oil lamps, or solar-powered lanterns.

  • Pack your own first aid kit and toilet paper
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You’ll never know what can happen when you’re out there, so a first aid kit is a must. Make sure it has the essentials such as plasters, anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea tablets, antihistamines, pain-killers, alcohol, and cotton swabs. As for the toilet paper, well, you wouldn’t want to get caught without it when you really need to go.

  • Pick a good campsite

Make sure that your campsite is safe and has lots of adventure opportunities that you and your companions will enjoy. Bonus points if a campsite has great ablution facilities and options for electricity.

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