6 Must-Buy Local Products Before Ending Your Holiday in Bohol, Philippines

Many tourists know that it is best to shop for locally made products before checking out of their resort in Bohol and hopping on a plane back home. With its very competitive and innovative market, the province has produced some very commendable goodies that are starting to gain international attention. Before you run to the nearest store, read our list of the things that should go first on your “pasalubong” list.

1. Peanut Kisses

An ode to the world-famous Chocolate Hills, Peanut Kisses has long-been a staple on every tourist’s pasalubong list. It was in 2003 when Bucarez Food Processing Corp. stepped in to the local production of the said delicacy. These cookies are light, crisp, and shaped like miniature Chocolate Hills.

2. Dalareich Tableya

Unknown to many, Bohol also produces its own cacao and has a local tablea manufacturer to boot in the form of Dalareich Tableya. Since 1994, the company has been manufacturing unsweetened chocolates or commonly known as “tableya/tablea” in the Philippines used for hot chocolate drinks and chocolate rice porridge.

3. Hillcolate

Similarly concocted out of the locals’ love for the Chocolate Hills is Boldi’s Hillcolate. This premium chocolate has three variants: plain dark, crispies and truffle filles. Hillcolate is exclusively available in the island province.

4. Handicrafts and Accessories

Amarela Resort in Bohol houses a boutique that feature selection of handicrafts and accessories sourced from local artisans and community cooperatives. Basic holiday necessities such as toothbrush and sunscreen can also be bought here.

5. Pancit Yaning’s Dried Noodles

Supported by the Department of Agriculture through its rural development projects in every region, Pancit Yaning offers a range of dried noodles partly made out of various vegetables and greens. So far, it produces five variants: classic, squash, carrots, malunggay and camote tops.

6. World Famous Tafias Chips

Almost a hundred kilometers from Tagbilaran City is the fishing town of Anda. For years, fishermen from one of its barangays called Talisay have been producing tilapia chips, out of their extra catch. Considered as one of the best Bohol delicacies, Tafias chips come in various flavors, from chocolate to ginger. Ask the staff of your resort in Bohol on how to get to the town of Anda.