6 Philippine Destinations That Are Perfect For Your Dream Getaway

The Philippines is indeed a country rich in beautiful landscape and warm people. This is why top hospitality brands like The Bellevue Hotels thought it smart to build home for holidays in some of the country’s best destinations.

Whether you’re a city mouse or one who’s needing a break from the bustling metro, you’ll find places in the Philippines that are perfect for a much needed getaway. Here are our recommendations for the best cities and provinces to visit in the Philippines.



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Called by many as the North side of the metro, Quezon City claims to provide the best experience for prime lifestyle and residential living. It stands as one of the country’s most progressive cities, and boasts of shopping centers, a variety of food hubs, a thriving academic community, and great hangout locations.

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With the numerous activities it presents, it’s no wonder it has been a go to place by many tourists. It is also home to some of the best hotels in Metro Manila like the edgy B Hotel QC in Sct. Rallos Street, where you can relax in picture perfect nooks that feature industrial designs in their modern interiors.


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Situated right in the heart of Metro Manila, this place has been considered as the one of the country’s most booming financial and business center. Peppered with high-rise buildings, party places, extravagant shopping malls, and world-class accommodations, this city paints a perfect scene of what a cosmopolitan is.

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While Makati boosts of a variety of luxury hotels, it makes sure that a budget traveler won’t have a hard time looking for a place to stay. With Airbnb units, condotels, and service apartments available, there will surely be an appropriate choice for those traveling with tight pockets.


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This city’s name may literally translate to a small piece of land, but its urban planners definitely know how to go big. Serving as Quezon City’s rival when it comes to being a choice for hangout spots, this city in the South is home to high-end malls, first-rate coffee shops and food crawls, events places, and a lot more options for the chillest night out with friends.

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It is home to Alabang where luxury is not of shortage. Here, you can find prestigious malls that specialize on expensive brands, and premier 4-star hotels like The Bellevue Manila and B Hotel Alabang. It is also near several provinces in the south like Tagaytay, Laguna, and Batangas making it the best jump off point for a vacay in Southern Luzon.



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Coron is debatably labeled by many tourists from all over the world as The Best Island in The World along with Bora Bora and Maldives. It boasts of El Nido’s stunning seascapes and towering limestone karsts, Puerto Princesa’s world renowned underwater cave, and Coron’s stunning beaches and diverse marine life.

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Since 2015, it has slowly gained attention in the international travel scene and has since been visited by a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. Given that, it won’t be hard of anyone to find accommodations that would fit their corresponding budgets. With options ranging from luxury hotels to backpacker inns, Palawan has you covered.


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This teardrop shaped island used to be a low-key travel destination. A few years ago, only surfing geeks clamored to this paradise since it was known to be an amazing surfing spot. But it slowly attracted people for its natural beauty. Apart from surfing through its perfect curling waves, Siargao also offers a serene and simplistic community vibe that are sure to ease your worries.

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As a proof of its charm, a lot of foreigners have decided to settle in this island and put up establishments that would offer tourists cozy options for accommodation. The entire island is peppered with cute themed inns, resorts, service apartments, and a lot more.


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One of the most iconic travel destinations in the Philippines, Bohol cradles the magnificent color-changing Chocolate Hills. Within its 4,821 km2 land area are a variety of wondrous works of nature that are sure to enthrall you. It takes pride in giving travelers the complete experience through the different options it offers that range from slow paced activities, to adrenaline rushing ones.

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It is also home to one of the country’s most famous island, Panglao, where pristine shorelines and crystal beaches can be found. Maximize your stay in the island by choosing the best Panglao hotel that would suit your type of activities. But if it’s immersing with nature that you want, an eco-friendly 5-star accommodation like The Bellevue Hotels would definitely be a good choice.