6 Pools & 3 Towering Slides That Perfectly Capture The Spirit of Summer

Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark lets you ride on the greatest waves on a whim. Designed by the Dream Park International USA, this waterpark in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines features one main pool, five themed pools, and three towering slides.


1. Amazon River

This Jpark Mactan, Cebu’s themed pool invites you to lounge and relax as the current takes you on a leisurely ride.

2. Wave Pool

Enjoy the sensation of beach waves in this artificial tide pool. Plunge into refreshing splash or laze in the sun loungers with an ice-cold drink.

3. Captain Hook’s Pool

Fill yer sails ‘n float yer ship or ye be tossed o’erboard, ye landlubber! Kids will have the time of their lives as pirates in this unique pool. Featuring a pirate ship, mini slides, and water cannons, Captain Hook’s Pool is every kid’s wonderland.

4. Toddler’s Pool

Of course, little kids can have just as much fun in Jpark Waterpark Cebu.

5. Beach Pool

This pool has a beach-like shoreline and is connected to the Amazon River and Wave Pool. It is also where the Amigos hold Aqua Aerobics and other fun-under-the-sun activities for guests.

6. Island Pool

Considered as Jpark’s main pool, this features tempting blue waters, mini waterfalls, and a swim-up pool bar. Night swimming is just as delightful as the water is heated to a comfortable degree.


1. Open Body Slide

Every experience commands a smooth start and, for Jpark, the Open Body slide is definitely it. Get a smooth glide, soft landing, and just the right amount of thrill.

2. Tube Slide

This is Jpark’s longest, and most exciting slide. Prepare for a gripping ride through what feels like a colorful wormhole in space.

3. Space Bowl

Get ready for a major adrenaline rush. The Space Bowl dash begins with a steep downward slide that plunges you spiraling in a space bowl and, ultimately, “flushes” you in a 6.4 ft deep pool. This slide is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Simply put, if it’s water fun you’re after on holidays, it’s hard to go past Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark. Book a room now at https://www.jparkislandresort.com/cebu/.