6 Ways to Travel Even When You’re Broke AF

Have you ever dreamt of the perfect vacation? Lounging at the beaches of the Maldives, exploring the jungles of the Amazon, or walking around the urban streets of Kuala Lumpur. You’re so ready to go out and travel to these different places, only to realise that your bank account is on its last breath.

Bummer, right?

Well, the good news is that there are ways for you to get the chance to travel even when you’re on a very limited budget. From choosing the perfect Kuala Lumpur accommodation to eating local delights exclusively, here are some tips for traveling on a budget.

Use the private browser

Private Browser_Traveling on a Budget_Ramada Suite Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Most websites now use cookies to save your activity on their website. But what happens is prices for flights and other tickets may increase every time you visit the website. To make sure the prices you see remain competitive and affordable, use the incognito browser.

Look for hotel discounts and deals

There are hotels like the Ramada Suites Kuala Lumpur that offer exclusive website discounts and deals. All you have to do is book directly on their website and take advantage of their promos.Early Bird_Last Minute Deal_Ramada Suites Kuala Lumpur City CentreFor instance, right now Ramada Suites is offering a 25% Early Bird Deal. Just book on their website at least 7 days before your planned check-indate. You can also choose the 20% Last Minute Deal if this is more of a spur of the moment trip.

In this way, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort and convenience by choosing a small scale inn just so you can save on the accommodation budget.

Look for destinations that are off-the-beaten-path

Popular tourist destinations tend to be too pricey. Yes, it should be ideal that you visit these places just so you can understand what made it popular in the first place. But because you want to get something meaningful out of your trip without splurging on overpriced entrance fees, research on places that aren’t as popular.

Travel on a Budget_Ramada Suites Kuala Lumpur City Centre

These destinations are probably less popular, not because they’re not as exciting to visit, but because there aren’t a lot of foreigners who know about them. Just so you can do this right, make sure you ask the locals about good places to visit that aren’t on everyone’s tourist maps.

Consider not buying souvenirs

Souvenirs_Ramada Suite Kuala Lumpur City Centre

It’s all about the experience anyways and not the trinkets you can buy. Try to “live in the moment” and collect experiences rather than souvenirs. Take as many photos as you’d like, post them on all your social media networks, and bask in the moment.

Budget your expenses before the trip

Budget Expenses_Ramada Suites Kuala Lumpur City Centre

The bulk of your expenses will involve the flight tickets, accommodation, and visa. These usually have fixed prices so you can research it now and give yourself time to save the money needed to book and purchase these. For food and other materials, make sure that you know at least the general prices so you can allot money for them.

Plan travels on off-peak seasons

Traveling on a budget_Ramada Suites Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Off-peak seasons vary in different countries. Make sure you research when the tourist season dies down so that your expenses will be much cheaper once you’re there. From the accommodation down to entrance fees, these may significantly be more affordable than before.

Traveling on a budget usually intimidates people because it’s a lot harder to limit yourself than to go big on spending. However, by following these tips and by researching really well on your destination, spending isn’t going to be much of a problem.