7 Swimming Pool Manners Everyone Should Know

When you’re on a trip to Johor Bahru, the best way to relax after braving the crowded shopping centres is a pool break. Once you arrive at your accommodation at GBW Hotel, the impulse is to make a short trip in your room to drop your things off then make a beeline for the outdoor pool.

Swimming Pool_Johor Bahru

Sometimes, in our excitement to feel that chlorinated water, we forget that there are other people using the pool with us. And just like any other public place, there are rules of etiquette to follow.

If you’ve forgotten some of them, here’s a refresher for your next pool trip.

Please don’t run around the pool

Running around the pool_Johor Bahru

There’s a reason why this is the number one rule at any swimming pool area: you’re at risk of slipping and injuring yourself. Not to mention, you’ll also risk other people’s safety just because you just can’t help sprinting around the pool.

The water can’t move, so don’t rush.

Don’t eat while you’re in the pool

The trend with some hotels and bars is to offer food delivery by the pool. You can enjoy cocktails or local delights while you’re lounging by the pool. Remember that food should be consumed outside of the pool not while you’re in it.

Eating in the pool_Johor Bahru

Think of the beads of cocktail or crumbs of food you’re accidentally dropping in the pool. No matter how effective their filtration system is, that shouldn’t be an excuse to eat in the pool and contaminate it with your mess.

Manage your kids

If you are traveling to Malaysia with your kids, please, for everyone’s safety, watch your kids. Don’t let them run around or disturb other swimmers.

Watch your kids_swimming

Everybody knows, kids are just full of energy and they’re looking for an outlet. Well, a pool isn’t really the best place for them to expunge that energy, in fact, it’s dangerous. Just make sure you or your partner is following your kids.

Shower before getting in the pool

Showering before swimming_Johor Bahru

There are people who don’t get why there are showers near a pool, surprisingly. It’s meant to wash off dirt and debris before you step in the pool. And a swimmer should do this every time they get in the pool, as a courtesy to other swimmers.

No splashing of the water

Splashing the pool_Johor Bahru


It’s probably fine if it’s just you and your friends. But try to avoid splashing water especially if the pool area is a little crowded. It’s going to hurt and annoy people in equal degrees, and you don’t want to be at the end of those angry glares.

Maybe don’t swim if you have open wounds

Open wounds_Johor Bahru

Other than it’s going to scare off other people who might think they’ll contract something if they swim with you, it’s also safer for you if you just don’t swim. With open wounds, you’re at risk of infecting it and making it worse.

Don’t reenact Wrestlemania

Don't jump in the pool_Johor Bahru

We all love fooling around the pool, but please avoid jumping and shoving people in if you’re in a public pool. You’re bound to hurt other swimmers and friends. Honestly, the rowdiness is just not going to end well for anyone.

On your next pool session at a Johor Bahru accommodation or at an island resort, please keep these simple swimming pool manners in mind. Remember that everyone else wants to relax just as much as you do.