7 Tricks to Stay Cool This Dry Season

It’s that time of the year when most, if not all, just want to book an air conditioned accommodation (The Bayleaf Cavite rooms, for instance) to beat the scorching heat. We can blame it all on climate change that affects the heat index, which is what we perceive or feel as the temperature affecting our body. It’s maddening, infuriating, and somehow alarming. Heat cramps and heat exhaustion are possible, while heat stroke is probable.

Good thing, we know some tricks to alleviate this sizzling concern. Here’s a short list of things you can do to lessen the burn and the sweat:

1. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water to ward off this dry spell. A cold glass of water will help you lower down your body temperature. You can also dunk some hydration salts and tablets into your jug. If you’re feeling a little fancy, concoct your own shake or smoothie. It will also do wonders if you avoid caffeine and alcohol.

2. Change the lights.

Did you know that just one incandescent bulb produces almost 9,000 joules? That’s a lot of heat! According to energy experts, more than 90 percent of the energy generated by incandescent lights is heat, not light. Be wiser by switching to LED or compact fluorescent lights. You’ll thank us once you received your electricity bill by the end of month.

3. Have an aloe vera spray.

Aloe vera is a common treatment for sunburn. Needless to say, it can also do the same trick of keeping your body cool. Just make a spray with it and don’t forget to include some peppermint oil for a maximum effect. Spray all over you when you feel you are feeling uncomfortably warm.

4. Choose your clothes carefully.

This trick is actually common sense. You simply have to avoid wearing dark-colored and tight clothes because they tend to keep your body warm. Opt for loose clothes in light colors instead. Avoid layers, too. They’ll just trap the heat and keep it close to your body.

5. Go out in the early morning.

Stay cool this summer by staying indoors before it gets really hot. That means you need to plan your outdoor exercise or schedule your meeting early in the morning. Make sure to wrap everything up by midday.

6. Save a space for plants.

Plants are natural air-conditioners. Remember what your Science teacher used to tell you? Plants absorb carbon dioxide by taking in air that creates so much heat. It is still true.

7. Search for a value-filled hotel deal.

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