8 Things That Will Remain After the COVID-19 Pandemic (Part 1)

The imposed community quarantine has led to the restricted operations of holiday destinations, such as The Lind Boracay Hotel. Certainly, the COVID-19 crisis has put summer on hold. And all we can do now is wonder when this will be over. Well, according to a Canada-based Political Science professor, “the emotionally and spiritually sane response [to the pandemic] is to prepare to be forever changed.”

That’s quite bothersome, right? Surely, our normal will not be the normal. But we would like to think that some things will remain after the “war.” Here are some of them:

1. Our majestic mountains

Look forward to the day that you finally get to check “climb a mountain” off your travel bucket list. Put your lungs to the test and conquer the highest peaks in the Philippines. Mt. Pulag’s sea of clouds will be waiting. Mt. Makiling’s exquisite flora is ready to enchant. Mt. Apo’s difficult trails await you to take its challenge.

2. Our delicious dishes

You might be craving for Aling Lucing’s sisig or Aling Foping’s halo-halo right now. You are not alone. Our palate also longs for the umami of Cebu lechon and Dong Bei dumplings. We would love to dig in a plate of Vigan longganisa and a slice of Laguna’s buko pie for dessert. Okay, hush. Let us be patient. When this pandemic is over, know that we can still fill our tummy with our favorite food.

3. Our wildlife

Ecology experts say that the Earth is healing because of the worldwide quarantine. Good news, right? This only means that we’ll get to enjoy the wonders of nature once we are free. Let us play with the sea turtles in Apo Island or watch the playful dolphins in Bais. Let’s swim with the colorful sea creatures in Coron. Maybe this time, we’ll finally realize that we’re sharing home with these wonderful animals.

4. Our beautiful beaches

Now more than ever, we really need a healthy dose of vitamin sea. We wish to feel the comfort of cool, crisp breeze and hear the calming waves. Unfortunately, we’re stuck. But the sun will come out tomorrow. Palawan’s immaculate beaches will soon be open. Flights to Cebu, Romblon, Bohol, and Davao will resume. And Boracay Island’s gentle coastlines and transporting sunsets will still be there.

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Stay tuned for the Part 2 of this article.