8 Things That Will Remain After the COVID-19 Pandemic (Part 2)

The imposed community quarantine has led to the restricted operations of holiday destinations, such as the Herald Suites Solana in Makati City. Certainly, the COVID-19 crisis has put summer on hold. And all we can do now is wonder when this will be over. Well, according to a Canada-based Political Science professor, “the emotionally and spiritually sane response [to the pandemic] is to prepare to be forever changed.”

That’s quite bothersome, right? Surely, our normal will not be the normal. But we would like to think that some things will remain after the “war.” Here’s the continuation of our list:

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5. Our magnificent churches

For most Catholics, going to church might be the first thing they wish to do once the quarantine is lifted. They would want to thank the Lord Almighty for keeping them healthy and safe. And that is totally fine. Soon, some might even plan for a pilgrimage in Laguna, Quezon Province, and Pangasinan. Luckily, our churches will stand tall amidst this crisis.

6. Our sense of festivity

It’s not impossible that social distancing will still be practiced once we succeed in flattening the curve. But we’re quite sure that our colorful celebrations will live on. We’ll surely find a way to uphold the traditions that define us as Filipinos. So look forward to the next Sinulog or Dinagyang. Let’s be excited for next year’s Panagbenga, Moriones, and Kadayawan. Nothing can ever rain on our parade.

7. Our art

Now more than ever, we realize how important art is in our survival as humans. Since the implementation of lockdown, we have turned to books, movies, TV series, calligraphy, spoken poetry, online dramatic readings, and music. Admit it or not, art is keeping us sane in this time of uncertainty. Fortunately, our art will definitely remain after the crisis. So how are we going to pay the artists back? Make sure to include museum visits, theatre-watching, or classical concerts on your future travel plans.

8. Our wanderlust

When we finally win the war against the virus, one thing is for sure. Our desire to explore will still be there. You’ll be surprised that after all the anxiety and panic, you’ll find your feet itching again for another adventure. And when you’ve reached that point, do not resist.

Go out and see the wonders of this world. Listen to the stillness of Lake Sebu. Taste the sweetness of ripe Guimaras mangoes. Smell the whiff of Sagada coffee. Laze in a 3-star hotel in Makati City, Philippines. Feel how good it is to breathe… how great it is to be alive.


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