A Shortlist of Boracay Island’s Most Beautiful Beaches

If you’ve booked a Boracay family accommodation, like Azalea Residences in Station 2, it’s certain that you’re looking forward to experiencing its beaches that are known as among the best in the world. In this blog, we will let you know which ones you should put first on your list.

1. Cagban Beach

With a name that literally means cave or chest, Cagban Beach is said to be the site of several hidden treasure chests. It is also one of the most developed beaches, so finding restaurants and accommodations in Boracay along Cagban will not be difficult. You should also note that it is the first shore you will see upon your arrival, as the beach is the port of the tropical island resort.

2. White Beach

This 4-km stretch of white, powdery sand is usually the default destination among Boracay goers. It does not only boast a vast space for swimming and sunbathing, but also various commercial establishments, such as restaurants, souvenir shops, apparel stores, and Boracay accommodations and resorts.

3. Puka Beach

Puka Beach was listed by CNN as one of the world’s 50 best beaches. Because of the puka shells found all over it, the sand is coarser compared to what you’ll find on the island’s other shores. However, this 2nd longest beach in Boracay will surely fulfill your dream of stepping into a tropical paradise, with the serenity and beauty that it will make you experience.

4. Manoc-manoc Beach

Looking for the best place for snorkeling and scuba diving? Then, you should head to Manoc-manoc. It is only a short walk away from White Beach, thus it is very easy to find. Alongside its thriving local aquatic life is its location that renders scenic views of the hillside and the mountains.

5. Ilig-iligan Beach

Situated on the east coast of Boracay, Ilig-iligan Beach has quite a number of caves and coves that you can explore. Among these are the famous Bat Caves — situated 30 minutes away from the shore — that you can visit by hiring a local guide.

6. Balinghai Beach

Considered as one of the best romantic getaway in Boracay, Balinghai Beach offers a very secluded location and several small resorts and restaurants. It’s only a 15-minute trip from White Beach, so it puts you close to the vibrant Boracay scene in case you want a change of atmosphere every now and then.

7. Bulabog Beach

If desiring for a more peaceful Boracay getaway, then Bulabog Beach is your place. Here, you will find less people, commercial establishments, and hotels. And because of the easterly winds that blow all over it for almost half the year, it is also a first-choice destination among kitesurfers.

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