A Solution For A Rainy Day Dilemma

Isn’t it such a disappointment to have your whole outdoor itinerary ruined from a rainy day? With summer about to end, never let it keep us from taking care of our well-being. The effort in traveling all the way to the gym, to dine in your favorite restaurant or even to your usual pamper place can sometimes be stressful and time consuming. So what happens when the sun goes out?

For our staycationers, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of facilities of the city hotels in Manila that will make you feel good and look great. When you’re only a few steps away from excellent and convenient ones, you can still have the chance to feel at home or even be on vacation. If you have your own daily routines at home, you can still keep those habits when you check-in at a hotel like no other. If you haven’t stayed in Acacia Hotel Manila, then you’re in for a unique health and wellness treat. Here are some of the hotel services to look for to fight away those rainy day blues.

Food Trip Cravings
When you’re in the mood for a bite to eat have it in style in their excellent dining facilities that includes The Pastry Shop, Acaci Restaurant or even The Lobby at Acacia. To fulfill those food cravings without having to step out, swing by in any of them and try out some of their best seller steak!

Ultimate Gym Grind
In the mood to lift weights or run the treadmill? For our health buffs, get into action by heading to the hotel’s gym at Acacia Fit. The perfect place to burn off those calories after eating all those delicious, desserts and other dishes that the hotel wholeheartedly prepare for their guests.

A Spa Haven

After all that workout tension, allow yourself to calm those muscles with Acacia’s heavenly spa. During your stay, make an appointment at Lurra Wellness Spa where you can avail promo packages and special massages that will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

To turn those rainy day blues to some rainy day fun, check-in at Acacia Hotel Manila to dine, exercise, and have a soothing retreat! Rain or shine, your health and wellness is not complete without going on a hotel staycation with your loved ones. For inquiries and room reservations, visit their website at http://www.acaciahotelsmanila.com/