A Taste of Acacia Hotel Manila

Craving for a chill staycation with a topnotch guest experience? Here are 5 reasons why Acacia Hotel Manila invites you to “Experience the mark of genuine hospitality in a modern day five-star Filipino luxury hotel that is Acacia Hotel Manila in the Philippines.”



You step foot inside the hotel for the first time. You don’t exactly know what to do and where to go just yet, so you end up awkwardly standing in the middle of the hotel lobby. You stand there for a few minutes, contemplating between asking for help and figuring out what to do. As your silent internal debate happens, a staff courteously approaches you and, with a smile, asks you if there’s anything he can help you out with. It’s such a relief, right? The staff at Acacia Hotel Manila are very accommodating in such a way that they are not crossing boundaries and being intrusive. They’re just making sure that you get to have the most pleasurable stay possible.

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Your day had been filled with activities; you know, the good kind of stress. Surely, you’d be craving for a good night’s rest at the end of your day. The rooms at Acacia Hotel Manila can guarantee that you’d be sleeping the night off cozily in dreamland. Did you know that they have specialized pillows? They have pillows suitable for releasing neck and shoulder stresses and they have specialized hypoallergenic pillows to guarantee your comfort.



You want to spend some time getting rid of those muscle tensions. You want to take the time to sweat it out in the gym or cool it down in the pool. You want to forget about the stresses of the real world for a little bit and while you’re at it, you find out that everything you want to experience are all conveniently side by side on one floor. Yes, relaxation and rejuvenation are all just a stone’s throw away! Although the immediate go-to malls in the South are accessible from the hotel and the hotel also provides free shuttle services to any point in Alabang, spending time in the hotel itself is worthwhile as well.



Your fork penetrates every inch of your steak flawlessly as the juices ooze out of the meat. The steaks of A Steakhouse lets you experience just that. Oh, and if you’re craving for your favorite cuisines from all over the world, you can have it at Acacia’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. You might probably head back to your room a little bloated than usual, but you’ll surely tell yourself that every bite is worth it.



You’re having one of the grandest events of your life. You want everyone who’s special to you to be there, experiencing the joys of the milestone with you. Acacia Hotel Manila offers 8 function rooms and an outdoor garden for that! And any other purpose you may have. These 8 function rooms are equipped with the latest equipment that may help you in your future meetings and events. Oh! A team of dedicated banquet specialists will also gladly assist you so that your event will flow and happen without a hitch.

Well, that’s the most this blog post can possibly explain to you. Are you looking forward to having a much-needed unwind time at Acacia Hotel Manila? This month, they’re also celebrating their 4th anniversary and they’ve got lots of stuff for you! Head over to their website to check out their existing promos and here’s the thing: they also offer the best price online, guaranteed! So what are you waiting for? Go beyond this post’s imagined experience and book your stay at Acacia Hotel Manila now.

Did you already stay at Acacia Hotel Manila? What did you like most about it?

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