An Introvert’s Guide To Enjoying A Beach Holiday (Even If There’s Other People Around)

Sabangan Beach Resort in Batangas, Philippines

It’s hard to be introverted in a country like the Philippines. Filipinos always love having family around. There’s always some sort of party or event at work or in school. You don’t really get to be on your own often. So some people just want to escape to the beach and have a quiet, relaxing time. Here are some tips on how to enjoy a beach holiday if you’re more than just the ‘shy and quiet’ type. This article is brought to you by Sabangan Beach Resort.

1. Go on a weekday
Most people are either at work or school. Go ahead and enjoy the beach all to yourself. Even if there are other people taking advantage of the lean season/ weekday rates, they are not as overwhelming as the weekend crowd. And who knows, maybe their introverts too. So they will respect your space and leave you in peace.

2. Book the biggest room
Sharing a room with family or friends? Book the biggest room so you could have more breathing space. Sabangan Beach Resort has a selection of rooms and even full suites where you could hide away.

3. Look busy
Bring a book. Put on your headphones. Wear sunglasses indoors. Stay in your room and watch Netflix. Make a perplexed expression on your face all day. No one’s going to bother you. Or you could just try all the facilities at the resort and try to have a great time.

4. In-room dining
Restaurants are always the crowded place in the hotel. Don’t want to be surrounded by strangers during breakfast? Order room service or better yet cook your own food. The aforementioned accommodation in Laiya, Batangas features rooms with full kitchens. Or you could eat at less busier time so you wouldn’t be bothered.

5. Night swimming
Nothing is more romantic than bathing in the moonlight. Everyone’s either drunk or too tired. You on the other hand can waddle by the ocean with your favorite person or alone.
You can do everything you want.


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