An Out-of-Town Family Trip at Kasa Luntian in Tagaytay

Visiting family in Tagaytay often requires booking hotels especially if you plan on staying for more than one day. One particular place I picked was The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian since its rooms were spacious and I heard their suite has a kitchenette with utensils. 


It was perfect since I was bringing my family along and we needed a room that could fit all of us. That and we decided to bring food that we could quickly heat up and cook to avoid spending too much on restaurants nearby. In this case, the Junior Suite was an ideal choice. 



When we got there, we saw that the room was bright and airy thanks to the floor-to-ceiling window that let in enough natural light. We barely even had to use the lights until nighttime.

After settling in, we let the kids run around in the playground while I unpacked and got ready for the family visit. It was lucky that the room had a balcony overlooking the pool and garden area, so I could see my children from where I stood. 



Thinking back, it was perhaps a wise choice to pick this hotel since unlike the other accommodations, Kasa Luntian had a wide space for children to bond with their parents. At least we didn’t have to stay cooped up in a typical hotel room all day.

The visit to our relatives came a few hours afterward. It was a short drive from the hotel to their house in the Tagaytay proper. The kids even got to catch up with their cousins as we talked with the other guests at the house. 

After that family gathering, it was getting late. It was lucky we booked the hotel beforehand since I wasn’t looking to drive all the way home at this hour. It only took us 10 minutes to return to the hotel and settle in. 

We didn’t even need to stop over and get food since we brought our own, which we re-heated using the room’s kitchenette.

With the day done, it was time for us to sleep. The beds were quite comfortable and all of us woke up feeling refreshed the next day. It was the sort of relaxed feeling I needed since I’ll be the one driving later.

I have to say that my experience at this hotel was pretty enjoyable, mainly because the rooms catered to families and their needs. The kitchenette and the dining room came in handy because we brought our own food for the trip.

This was an amenity I’ll be looking for when I book hotels in Tagaytay from now on.

The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian is located in Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Brgy San Jose, Tagaytay City, 4120 Cavite, Philippines. For more information on ongoing promos and direct room reservations, visit their official website.