Get High On These Awesome Rooftop Bars to visit in Kuala Lumpur

Without question, Kuala Lumpur is the most vibrant city you’ll ever be in. From dusk ‘til dawn, the energy of the city never wanes nor withers. It’s like the whole city is on caffeine, 24/7!

There are a lot of nocturnal spots to visit in Malaysia’s capital, from cocktail lounges to party sites. But so that you can appreciate Kuala Lumpur, we recommend that you swap that street view with a cool rooftop view!

Here are some of the rooftop bars you should definitely check out.

Luna Bar in Pacific Regency Suites

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Luna (бар-чилаут) Отель Pacific Regency Бар-чилаут — явление для Куала-Лумпура за последние несколько лет не уникальное, а одним из первых заведений подобного рода был «Лунабар». Он находится на 34 этаже гостиницы Pacific Regency, под открытым небом. Здесь, расположившись за столиками близ подсвеченного бассейна с миниатюрным водопадом, вы сможете насладиться великолепной панорамой ночного Куала-Лумпура под приятную инструментальную музыку. Необычность этому бару придают ещё и стеклянные ниши-кабинки с установленными в них мягкими лежаками, на которых можно удобно расположиться, наблюдая ночной пейзаж. Жители города зачастую назначают в «Лунабаре» неформальные встречи или просто заезжают отдохнуть после трудного рабочего дня. Ваш #EV #elegantvoyages #kl #kualalumpur #bar #malaysia #lunabar #pacificregency

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Luna Bar offers a relaxing and intimate atmosphere, perfect for when you’re travelling with a significant other or a small group of friends. The setup, the music, and even the way the food is presented contribute to the classy atmosphere.

Don’t forget to order the Luna mixed grill which comes with juicy slices of meat like beef tenderloin, sausages, prawns, and tender lamb cutlets.

Atmosphere 360 at Menara

Atmosphere 360 will give you the highest view, at more than 270m above ground. Commonly called the revolving restaurant, this bar can be found at the world’s 6th tallest tower — KL tower — at Menara, Kuala Lumpur.

It isn’t called revolving restaurant because of its 360 view. The whole restaurant is literally moving around! You might start off the night beside the grand piano looking at a view of the Petronas Towers, and then the next minute you’ll be right next to the buffet with a different outside view.

Play Club at The Roof Nightclub in Petaling Jaya

If you’re looking for a wild night out, then Kuala Lumpur will certainly not disappoint. While there are countless nightclubs out there, nothing beats a rooftop rave party at Play Club.

Located at The Roof Nightclub and Restaurants in Petaling Jaya, Play Club has hosted some of the most exciting rave parties in the city. Taking a cue from Europe’s popular nightspots, Play Club’s interior design is industrial-themed, with exposed piping overhead, giant cages with dancers, and strobes of neon lights.

Marini’s on 57

Located on the 57th floor of Petronas Towers, Marini’s on 57 is an exclusive Italian Ristorante is another classy destination you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s a restaurant, bar, and lounge known for its Havana-esque atmosphere.

Here, you’ll get to enjoy a unique kind of elegance, amplified by the clinking of champagne glasses, walls covered with Italian paintings, and a glass roof that offers a view of KL city.

SkyBar at Traders by Shangri La

SkyBar is a cocktail lounge located at the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel KL. This is probably one of the most popular rooftop nightclub destinations in the city, a place where you’ll definitely feel like you’re one of the cool kids.

Their most unique feature is the pool at the center of the bar, surrounded by sunken alcoves and chaise lounges. You’ll be able to enjoy techno music on some nights, while the bar highlights jazz and soft rock on others. Make sure you order their cocktails with a side of buffalo wings and barbecue ribs.

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