Azumi Boutique Hotel, A Place to Live to Your Own Tempo

Alabang is one of the few places where you can have both a laid-back atmosphere with the commercial feel of Makati. Nothing embodies this characteristic more than Azumi Boutique Hotel, where you can sit back, and work at your own pace.

I recently got to stay at this hotel in Alabang when I was on a business trip with some friends. Commuting to the place via the P2P bus in Greenbelt 1 and a short taxi ride was easy enough, and finding the hotel only took minutes.

Once I was inside, the most noticeable thing aside from the air-conditioning was the smooth lounge and deep house music playing in the lobby. Out of all the hotels I’ve visited, this one was the only place that actually played my kind of music.

Suddenly booking a room here wasn’t such a bad idea. After all, I wouldn’t mind sitting on one of their couches in the lobby and working there if this is the kind of ambience they have.


The room I booked even had a fridge, while the writing desk had a USB port. This meant that not only would I have a place to store the snacks I brought with me, I’d also have a place to charge my devices. 

There wasn’t even a need for me to open the lights since the room itself was bright and airy. Its windows allowed enough natural light and the only appliance that was on was the air conditioning. Seeing as I had a few hours before the meeting, I decided to take advantage of the Wi-Fi connection to research more material for my presentation.

The meeting itself took place in the afternoon at the rooftop lounge. I was able to meet up with my friends and catch up over food before the clients arrive. It was pleasing to find that the rooftop lounge also played house music to lighten the mood. It helped up relax and get our heads together when it was time to discuss business.

Once that was done, we even managed to swim a few laps in the pool overlooking the city. It was a relaxing knowing that we could even savor a break like this after a hard day’s work.

Overall, this experience was quite a surprise. I wasn’t expecting Azumi Boutique Hotel to have such a modern environment with this kind of music. It’s definitely a place where I’d bookmark for future trips to the South.

Azumi Boutique Hotel Is located in 2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park, Phase II Alabang Muntinlupa City 1780. For more information about ongoing promos and direct reservations, visit their official website.