Baler: More Than Just Surfing

Baler may be the surfing capital of the Philippines, but there’s more to it than that. Stay at a Baler hotel and easily find other attractions to visit and activities to do. Here are 4 places you can check out in and around Baler:


Ermita Hill

Currently a popular tourist spot, thanks to its viewing deck that affords amazing views of surrounding attractions, like Baler Bay and Aniao Islets, Ermita Hill also has an interesting history. Back in the 1700s, Baler was consumed by a tsunami and the people were able to escape the deadly wave by retreating to Ermita Hill. Spot the “Tromba Marina” sculpture, which serves as a reminder of that catastrophic event.


Hanging Bridge

Suspended above the Tibag-Sabang River, the hanging bridge is more than just a pedestrian walkway. For locals, it’s their everyday path but for tourists, it’s an excellent place to take in the scenic views of the surrounding greeneries. Crossing the hanging bridge can also give you an adrenaline rush!


Mother Falls

If you are tired of the salty water and sand getting in your toes, there’s another way to refresh yourself during your trip. Visit the majestic Diguisit Falls, also known as the Mother Falls. Trade in your flip-flops for something sturdier because it is at least an hour hike to reach the fresh waterfalls.


Dicasalarin Lighthouse

You might be puzzled when you see the Dicasalarin Lighthouse. Looking more like something from a Sci-Fi movie or an art museum, this lighthouse does not have the usual tower-like architecture. It’s definitely a great spot to take photos or just view the cove. The lighthouse is within the privately-owned Dicasalarin Beach.


Lucky for you, if you stay at Casita, a premier hotel in Baler, you can be provided access to Dicasalarin Beach. The staff at Casita may also arrange other tours and activities during your stay.


Casita is a homey hotel that can offer spacious rooms ideal for groups and families. This accommodation in Baler has a thatched roof and houses 10 rooms, either Casita Super King or Casita Queen. All rooms have verandas that lead to the family-friendly outdoor swimming pool.

A good place to give you the rest and relaxation you need, Casita provides quick access to Sabang Beach. You’ll also be within easy reach from Baler’s restaurants and shops.

Start planning your trip for this summer. Make it a hassle-free vacation, stay at Casita, a Baler hotel where you can have an unforgettable vacation with your friends and families.