Batanes: A Place that’s Hard to Miss

Beautiful. Breath-taking. Enchanting. These are only some of the words that travelers say about Batanes… that small, archipelagic province in the northernmost part of the Cagayan Valley region.


To this day, people can’t seem to get enough of the islands in this part of the country. For tourists and explorers, Batanes seems to be one of the most coveted destinations in the Philippines. And why is that? You ask. Well for one, there are limited flights going in and out of Basco, the province’s capital. And for the existing trips, well, let’s say they are not cheap. Social media seems to go into a frenzy every time a flight promotion includes this destination, and for a good reason.

The allure of Batanes lies in its unique landscapes of picturesque, rolling hills and generally colder weather, similar to that of Southern Taiwan. The coldest months starts from November and lasts up until the first quarter of the year.

There seems to be a misconception that the province is constantly battered by typhoons, but apparently this is not the case. Batanes is merely frequently mentioned in connection with bad weather because it holds the country’s northernmost weather station. Thus, it is often linked as a reference point for weather disturbances which enters the country.


The whole province of Batanes is listed in the UNESCO tentative list for inscription in the World Heritage List since 2001. The natives of the island are called the Ivatans. And the magic of Batanes, aside from its photographic sceneries, lies in the preservation of the Ivatan Culture and its people. So in order to protect this heritage from the onslaught of modern tourism, several businesses and establishments work together with the government and the locals in promoting sustainable tourism. One of this is Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge.

Built with architecture designed to promote the heritage of the Ivatan people, Fundacion Pacita compliments the beautiful scenery of Batanes while helping support the artistic lifeblood of its community. This is accomplished by utilizing the artworks of local artists by displaying their designs and art pieces. The hotel also supports the education of the Ivatan youth thru partnering with various NGO’s and collaborating with their projects.

Cafe Du Tukon

Fundacion Pacita promotes the livelihood of the Ivatans by sourcing food directly from the local fisherman and farmers. Aside from that, the culinary treats being offered in its restaurant, Café du Tukon, are mainly inspired by authentic local cooking techniques derived from the Ivatan culture.

The next best thing about Fundacion Pacita, aside from its efforts to preserve the beauty and culture found in Batanes, is its location and world-class hotel services. The hotel sits gently atop a lush hill and framed by a breath-taking view of the mountains, sea, and sky. No other place in Batanes offers this kind of scenic, Instagram-friendly and stunning hotel setting.

The design of the rooms and suites in the hotel is inspired by and pays homage to the aesthetics of the local Ivatan houses. The hotel offers the best place to experience the very best of Batanes, from its artful designs which mirrors the local culture and to having the best vantage point to gawk on the most stunning and unforgettable sights on the island.

As tourists and travelers, we would like to help preserve the natural beauty and wonder of the places we visit. By supporting hotel establishments like Fundacion Pacita, we also extend our hand in promoting the protection and conservation of this wonderful place in the north called Batanes.

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